Traveling Tips

Before coming abroad mind the following advice, which will help to make your stay more pleasant.

Do not forget to inform the admin and the ladies about your arrival before your departure; the ladies should be aware of your dates so that they can properly organize their time. The administrator will be able to assist you with transfer, and help you with your arrival and accommodation details.

Money matters are of great importance. Do not bring too much cash, we usually recommend that our clients bring no more than $1000 US in cash. Try to bring only new and unsoiled bills, as old ones may be exchanged with a big commission. You should not have any trouble getting cash in as there are a lot of ATMs in any town.

If you bring a credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Plus, Star, and several other network affiliations are accepted. Do not forget to inform your bank that you are going abroad before you leave so that they don’t block your credit card while you are abroad.

If you have traveler’s checks, make sure that you can exchange them in the country where you go. For example, traveler’s checks are not widely accepted in Russia. There are only a few selected banks and exchange bureaus that will cash them, and you will be charged commission rates for these exchanges. As for Ukraine, you can exchange your traveler’s check in lots of commercial banks. In Asian countries and countries of Latin America traveler’s checks are rather spread so it is accepted as cash in shops, hotels, restaurants etc.

Ensure that you check the weather forecast for the time of your visit, as it is possible that weather in country you are visiting will differ from the weather in your country.

Make sure to bring necessary medicine in case of emergency.

We would recommend bringing camera with you. Pictures you take on your trip may come in useful as it is necessary to have photos with your lady to apply for a fiancé visa at a later date.

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