4 Ways in Which Russian Women Are Different to Western Women

4 Ways in Which Russian Women Are Different to Western Women

You may already be well aware that Russian women differ a lot in their mindsets and behavior to women from the west. It is, after all, a very different culture.

If you’re looking to date a Russian girl, you may be wondering what exactly the key differences are between them. Below are the top four ways Russian ladies differ to Western women:

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Russian women generally aren’t as emancipated or as feminist as Western women

In the west, most women these days are much more focussed on their careers. Gender equality is a priority for them. Getting married and settling down quickly is not a huge concern for them anymore.

Russian women differ in that many of them prioritize marriage over a career or education. While many are also working, raising a family is the primary focus for most Russian ladies. The reason for this could be that they’re raised in a more traditionally patriarchal society.

The dating dynamics are more old-fashioned in Russia

Russian women are also more traditional when it comes to dating. It is not always easy for a Russian girl to make the first move, and the relationship is likely to move at a slower pace than we’re used to in the West. Russian women prefer slightly more old-fashioned and gentlemanly behavior. To make them happy, make sure you make the effort to arrange the date and make her feel well taken care of. Flowers on the first date are always a nice touch!

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Russian women have a very different look to Western women

In the West, you’ll find that women are as focussed on their comfort as they are on their appearance. Though they obviously want to look good whilst dating, they are a little more casual than their Russian counterparts. Russian women, on the other hand, are heavily focussed on appearances. In general, they prefer to wear makeup and always try to keep up with the latest fashions with less of a regard for comfort.

Some Russian ladies are more religious than Western ladies

Traditional religion is being practiced less and less by young people in the west. However, a lot of Russian women tend practice Orthodox Christianity. Usually, this religion will not be enforced on any man that they’re dating. But it’s worth being mindful and respectful of the fact that religion is important to some Russian women.