7 ways to be happy with your Russian wife

All marriages require attention, thought, love and flexibility and this is no less true for your relationship with your Russian wife. There are several ways to keep both partners happy in a marriage but some core acts will help you to maintain a close bond that means that you each get the most from your marriage. Be aware that it is likely that your Russian wife has made significant sacrifices to be with you, not least moving to a new country, learning a new language and trying to understand a new culture. Follow these 7 steps below to ensure that your marriage to your Russian wife is a happy and long one.

Be empathetic to her needs and the sacrifices that she has made

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In order for your marriage to your Russian wife to work, you must never forget the sacrifices that she will have made to be with you. It is not easy to leave your home, let alone your country and so it is imperative that you are compassionate to this. Ensure that your Russian wife feels appreciated and supported throughout your marriage and build your relationship on the basis of a team so that she never feels lonely.

Treat your Russian wife with love, affection and adoration

In order to have a happy marriage, adopt affection and attentive habits from outset with your Russian wife. Hold her hand and be chivalrous as well as kind and compassionate. Don’t let your marriage become stale and always part with a kiss and go to bed with an embrace.

Observe her cultures and traditions

You will find fun in incorporating Russian traditions and your Russian wife’s culture into your life. Observe important Russian annual events and try to involve her Russian family and friends at all opportunities. This will help your Russian wife to feel valued and ensure that her culture is not diluted by your marriage.

Communicate openly with your Russian wife

Arguably one of the most important elements of any marriage is communication and so you must ensure that this is strong with your Russian wife. Be honest, open and always take time to listen to what your Russian wife tells you. Consider her needs and never belittle her feelings. A marriage that has string communication is one which is enjoyable, strong and long lasting.

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Consider Russia as a second home

Your Russian wife will have sacrificed her home country to live with you and you should not expect her do make this move lightly. Take every opportunity to travel back to Russia with your Russian wife or encourage her to return home to spend time with her family and friends. Make the effort to learn some Russian and try to incorporate Russian traditions and your Russian wife’s culture into your own life. Let her know that you appreciate her move and that Russia is important to you too.

Take time for romance and adventures

Your Russian wife will probably miss home and her friends and so you must spoil her and give her every opportunity to be grateful for her new life. Plan adventures and travels together and be sure to take her on dates and treat her well. You will be the centre of her world and so you must take care to never let the romance fade in your marriage. Treat your Russian wife to cinema dates, meals out, cook for her and leave her love notes to ensure that she feels adored at every chance.

Give your Russian wife her independence

Mail order brides are often highly dependent upon their spouse and because they are new to the country and are likely to have less friends, their lives tend to revolve around their husband. Be cautious of letting your Russian wife fall into this way of life and encourage her to be independent. Try to find her a group of friends and introduce her to your own social circle. Encourage her to drive or use public transport and should she want to work, help her find a job. Give her financial independence and appreciate her need for her own space and life in the same way that you have yours.