Choose Your Perfect Russian Bride with Our Quiz!

When deciding to embark with online dating you might have a vision of the type of Russian bride you’re looking for in your mind. You may have had previous relationships with a particular type of woman or find particular mail order brides attractive but sometimes change can be a good thing.

Take our quiz below to find out the type of Russian bride that you should be looking for.

Russian bride

Art and music are my love!

  1. What do you expect from your relationship with a Russian bride?

    A) Long walks and nice evenings
    B) A serious relationship with marriage and children in the future
    C) Someone to spend time with and explore the world with

  2. When online dating what is the first thing you notice in a Russian lady?

    A) How tenderly she talks about wanting a partner in life
    B) That she really wants to have kids
    C) All of her hobbies which she lists extensively

  3. When planning a first date with a Russian bride where would you choose to go?

    A) A romantic dinner in a restaurant lit by candlelight
    B) A walk in the park where you talk about everything in your lives
    C) Something active like a sports event or sky diving

  4. When online dating what gift would you choose to send your potential Russian bride?

    A) Her favourite flowers
    B) Jewellery
    C) An invite to an event

  5. When the moment comes, how would you ideally propose to your Russian lady?

    A) In her favourite restaurant where you have rented out a special area so you’re alone and undisturbed
    B) At a large family event so she can share her joy with everyone
    C) When away on holiday having just come back from a busy day trip

    Russian bride

    Happiness means family!

  6. What is the most important trait you’re looking for in a Russian woman?

    A) Someone who’s always there for you and has your back
    B) Someone who will get on really well with your family and who wants a family of her own
    C) Someone will similar hobbies to yourself so you can go out and have fun together

  7. What would be your ideal holiday with your Russian bride?

    A) A secluded beach somewhere hot
    B) A massive cottage where you can take all your family
    C) A busy city where there is lots to do

  8. When online dating what is the first physical feature you notice about Russian woman?

    A) Her smile which glistens
    B) Everything- you wonder what your children will look like
    C) The excitement in her eyes

  9. When introducing your Russian bride to your friends and family how would you introduce her?

    A) My soul mate
    B) The future mother of my children
    C) My partner in crime

Russian bride

Let’s have an adventure together!

More answer As: You are looking for a Russian bride who is tender, loving and sweet. Her hobbies will likely include reading, arts and poetry. She will always create romantic atmosphere on your date and share her true feelings with you.

More answer Bs: You are looking for a Russian lady who is incredibly family-orientated so it is likely she is looking for a serious relationship straight away with the option of kids not too far away. She will be perfect housewife and mother and she will always take care of you as it is a natural thing for her.

More answer Cs: Your ideal Russian lady is cheerful and active and is someone who longs for new adventures and is looking for a partner to explore the world with. You will never get bored with this Russian bride as she is always on the move and full of great ideas how to make your life brighter.