How to create a happy couple if you and your Russian bride both have kids?

Entering into a new relationship after the breakdown of a previous union can be difficult and more so if there are children involved. You must consider their needs and whether they are fond of your new partner. Choosing a Russian bride will become a team effort and your happiness will depend on the wellbeing and comfort of your children. Likewise, if your Russian bride has children from a previous relationship, you will need to build a rapport with them to ensure that your union with your Russian lady will be successful. The term ‘blended family’ is used regularly now to describe new families that are made from the successful integration of children to a new unit. Here are some tips to help you create a happy relationship and successful blended family.

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Take time to get to know the children of your Russian bride

There is no need to hurry when getting to know each other’s kids. Of course, you’ll need a lot of patience and self-possession, but the most important thing here is to be honest with the children and not to play.

Be open about the relationship with your children

Honesty is key to ensuring that your children can express their concerns and thoughts about your Russian bride. Recognise that a lady from another country who may not speak English very well can be daunting to little ones. Be open about their thoughts and ask them to feel confident in sharing with you so you can help them overcome their worries

Be patient

You may have fallen head over heels with your Russian bride instantly, but your children may be more reserved. Distance barriers may mean that the children of your Russian bride have concerns about you and don’t expect these to vanish straight away. Demonstrate your patience and all of the children will feel less pressure which will give them the confidence to explore your new relationship comfortably.

Never try to replace the children’s parents

Both you and your Russian bride must never try to encroach on the relationship that the children have with their other parents. Be respectful of them and never be opinionated or insulting. Children will warm to a new person in their life if they feel safe and trustworthy. Don’t damage that opportunity by becoming an enemy of those closest to the child.

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Try to build a personal connection

with your Russian bride’s children. Take the time to get to know them individually and show a keen interest in how they are, what they like and their ambitions.

Don’t try too hard

Children are very skilled and recognizing when someone is trying to impress them and this can be manipulated. You and your Russian bride must maintain dignity and control throughout getting to know the children. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to impress them or buy their affection – this will never end well.

Look for additional support and tips on your online dating site. Many sites will offer extra help for couples who have children and will also make suggestions for when it is appropriate for the children to use tools such as online video chat to talk to you.

Give the children from both sides an opportunity to get to know each other

If your children get along together, you will have taken a giant leap towards building a blended family with your Russian bride. This can be done by being pen friends, online video chat, face to face meetings or phone calls. The children will inevitably support each other and help alleviate any concerns among themselves too.

Remember that your children and the children of your Russian bride will need to be a priority throughout your new relationship but try not to let this hinder the fun you have getting to know each other. Embrace the challenges and talk the difficulties through with your Russian bride at every opportunity but always make time for just the two of you and don’t let the concerns of your children blind you from the joy of a new relationship.