Easter traditions to impress your Ukranian woman

Easter is an important religious celebration that is observed throughout the world, with many countries sharing similar traditions and others having very unique practices. Whether you consider yourselves to be religious or not, Easter is a time that encourages families to come together to celebrate faith and/or closeness, rebirth, and opportunities. For many Ukrainian women, Easter is a highlight of the year and an event that demands to be celebrated with effort and enthusiasm.

If you hope to impress your Ukranian woman this Easter, there are a number of ways in which you can make the best use of traditions to do so. The following ideas aim to give you some inspiration for ensuring that you enjoy a memorable and traditional Easter experience.

Food is of Utmost Importance

Ukrainian woman
I want to cook with you…

As is the case for religious festivals throughout the world, food plays a very important role in Easter celebrations for Ukrainian women. You may well find that your Ukranian woman plans an exciting feast of traditional foods and welcomes several guests to eat with you by way of celebrating. This is an ideal time for you to come together and create dishes that reflect both of your home countries, bringing a fusion feeling to your event. Fish and meat will be prominent features for your Ukranian woman and she may also bake Easter cakes such as Paska or Kulich. Be aware that Easter cake is served before the main meal and is usually shared between congregations at church or families. Every crumb of the cake is to be eaten and never be thrown away.

Decorate Eggs Together

One of the most popular traditions at Easter in Ukraine is to decorate Easter Eggs. Ukrainian women will also observe the tradition of giving chocolate eggs to loved ones, but this additional craft tradition brings families together and immerses celebrations in history and culture. There are two types of decorative eggs that your Ukranian woman may attempt –  pysanka and krashenka. Pysanka are eggs that Ukranian women, men, and children will decorate with folk patterns that have particular meanings. Alternatively, Krushenka is an egg that is dyed red to symbolize the blood shed by Jesus for his people.

Consider Church and Faith

Ukrainian woman
I will wait for you…

Most Ukrainian women will have their own traditions from their family’s way of celebrating Easter, but there are some customs that are observed by the majority of Christian Orthodox Ukrainians. This might include not sleeping the night before Easter in order to attend religious services or to share treats and foods with those in the community. Easter is a great time to consider your religious beliefs and understand how important religion is or isn’t to your Ukrainian woman. Be sure to be respectful of her views and consider attending worship with her as a show of loyalty and love.

Introduce Lots of Colour to Your Celebrations

Ukrainian woman will be used to having very colorful celebrations for Easter and this is an event that is almost as elaborate and bright as Christmas. Be ready to decorate your home with craft decorations or introduce color to your gardens with extra flowers and ornaments. Your Ukranian woman will probably have a wealth of ideas for aesthetical ways in which to bring Easter to your home and many of these may be traditions that she has carried out since childhood.

To add some closeness to your efforts, consider arranging a surprise for your Ukrainian woman by arranging for traditional Ukrainian decorations or crafts to be sent to you. She is sure to love your consideration and be immersed in memories and trinkets from her home country.