The favourite romantic poems of your Russian bride

The favourite romantic poems of your Russian bride

There are few more romantic ways of showing your love for your Russian bride than through poetry. Reading Russian romantic poems to your lady can really impress her and sweep her off her feet.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that there are a great number of romantic poems in Russian, and your Russian bride will almost certainly love to hear you recite one to her – or even write it down and send it with a gift.

So, which poem should you choose?

Here is a list of the best Russian romantic poems:

Love is Unbounded, by Leonid Martynov

Leonid Martynov was one of the most notable Russian poets during his lifetime, many being published in weekly magazines and in books. His style was said to be very 1920s, and this poem about love is one of his most adored when it comes to romance. It speaks about how love limitless and the feelings that come with it. If you want to tell your Russian woman about what love is to you, this could be a great one to use.

Kiss, by Sergei Yesenin

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My favorite poet is Alexander Pushkin!

Famous 20th Century Sergei Yesenin was known for his romantic skills with a pen, and with the poem Kiss, he perfectly captured the value of a kiss. From saying you love someone through to that powerful first kiss, if you’ve perhaps recently enjoyed your first kiss with a Russian lady, then this could be a perfect poem to read to her.  Alternatively, if you’re still early in a relationship and have not yet enjoyed that kiss, then this incredible poem could make it happen.

Love, Like a Bird, is Free, by Alexander Blok

Penned by the renowned Russian writer Alexander Blok, this poem perfectly describes the feelings which love can create and the sense of freedom that love can bring. It’s a wonderful and lengthy poem that is sure to delight your Russian bride. Why not write it on a card and send with a gift?

Wait for me, by Konstantin Simonov

Few poems have impacted the Russian people as much as this one, written by Russian soldier Konstantin Simonov during the war in 1941. The poem was found in the pockets of the fallen soldiers returning home from the war after they copied its lyrics out on paper to send back to wives and girlfriends back home. Sadly, Simonov also lost his life during the war. The poem itself is beautiful, one which your Russian bride is sure to appreciate. It talks about the wait to return home to be with loved ones and is simply one of the most romantic and meaningful Russian verses ever produced.

I Still Remember that Amazing Moment, by Alexander S. Pushkin

Last and by no means least is a stunning poem by one of Russia’s most famous literary sons, Alexander S Pushkin. Pushkin is well-known still today for being one of the greatest wordsmiths ever, and this verse is arguably his most romantic work. It’s about love at first sight, and your Russian bride will adore it whether written out or read to her.