Five Fun Holidays to Celebrate with Your Ukrainian Lady

When starting online dating, you’re are looking to start a serious relationship with a Ukrainian lady and are maybe even looking for Ukrainian girls for marriage.  While that is, undoubtedly a serious business, it still has a lighter side that you as a couple need to embrace.

Ukrainian Lady

I’d like to sing with you!

Getting to know someone is always much easier if you are doing things that are fun, and there are many different fun days that you can use to bond with your Ukrainian lady.   There are many yearly fun days and celebrations in which you can fuse the celebrations with your Ukrainian woman, including;

International beer day

What better reason is there than celebrating the huge variety of beer available than by drinking beer with your Ukrainian lady and getting closer over a glass or two.  The main Ukrainian beers are Tsypa Vnochi and Varvar Imperial Stout, so get some in and really make your Ukrainian girl feel really special.

Lost Sock Memorial Day

May 9th is host to a traditional day of sorting out your socks and getting rid of any singlets.  Like you and your Ukrainian date, singles no longer apply so celebrate it with matching up your sock drawer.

Ukrainian lady

Life is full of happy moments!

Sing Out Day

May also sees Sing Out Day in which people and couples are encouraged to open up your vocal chords and sing out loud from your heart.  Doesn’t matter if you take your Ukrainian woman to a Karaoke Bar or sing together in the shower, just get together and sing.

Say Something Nice Day

June is home to one of the nicest days of the year or at least the one filled with the nicest chat.   Ukrainian ladies love to say nice things about their date, so why not get together on this special day and spend it saying lots of nice things about each other.

International Picnic Day

Set in the middle of summer, this is an ideal day to take your single Ukrainian lady out and show here the extent of your culinary skills while chatting idly about what might come of your relationship.

Embrace Your Geekiness Day

Another summer jaunt, this is designed to show your potential Ukrainian bride just how geeky you really are, with the intention of demonstrating a side that she may not have seen before.  If she stays around after this, then you know that your Ukrainian lady is definitely the right one for you!