How to promote your online dating profile and get more attention

Online dating can be a competitive world, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything possible to give yourself a good chance of finding love.

The biggest mistakes that men often make when using online dating websites usually involve their own profile page in some way. If your profile doesn’t promote you in the right light, you’re going to struggle to attract the beautiful women that you dream about.

Thankfully, help is at hand. We have compiled the best tips for promoting your online dating profile to help you get more attention from the ladies.

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The top tips are follows:

Up-to-date photos

Perhaps the single biggest mistake men make with their online dating profile is their images. Naturally, you will be inclined to use a photo from when you felt at your best. In many cases, this leads men to using photos that are several years old, perhaps really small and pixelated and probably only showing your face. This isn’t going to cut it.

Women want to see up-to-date images that look as though they will have been taken recently. They also want to see more than just your face, so try and at the very least include your upper body as well. Clear and well-sized photos are also a must.

Don’t forget, your profile photos will give women that vital first impression of you. If they’re no good, then you’re up against it.

Don’t mention former partners

Let’s say you have a great profile photo and a lady clicks into your profile to find out more about you. Great! However, some men mention ex-girlfriends in their profiles or even feature them in photos! Unless there are truly exceptional circumstances, talking about ex-partners in your online dating profile is not going to result in success.

Be honest and give detail

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Beauty is not just skin deep, and this is perhaps truer in online dating than with traditional offline dating. Women clicking into your profile want to know more about you as a person and what you want from your next relationship. Be honest, be yourself. Otherwise, you may attract a lady but you’re unlikely to find long-term happiness if everything she knows about you is either exaggerated or plain lies.

Be clear about what you want

Another way of really promoting yourself to potential partners when using online dating websites is to say in your profile what you’re looking for from the website. Is it a long-term, serious relationship, friendship, or just a bit of fun?