International Women’s Day in Russia – Why do Russian brides love 8th March?

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Every March, ladies around the world celebrate International Women’s Day. However, in Russia, the celebration is more meaningful and has become a favorite day for Russian brides.

International Women’s Day focuses on celebrating the beauty, appreciation and achievements of women around the world.  The first ever March 8th celebration was held all the way back in 1909, and it continues to grow in popularity and recognition. In Russia, the day has become hugely symbolic and is celebrated more so here than in many other countries.

How do Russian brides celebrate International Women’s Day?

In Russia, March 8th is a public holiday and it holds great importance to almost all of society. It’s a little like Mother’s Day in the Western world but on a much larger scale, however in Russia, March 8th sees all women celebrated, including Russian bridges, mothers, daughters, wives and girlfriends. For men in a relationship, March 8th also has similarities with Valentine’s Day.

It’s a fiercely traditional celebration in that most families will spend the day celebrating together with meals and other family events, close friends may also be invited to celebrations at home.  The day will often see the men of the house carry out all the housework to allow the lady to relax, including cooking, cleaning, tidying and looking after the children.

Additionally, many of the country’s top entertainers will perform at concerts or other events, with songs and poems about women and beautiful Russian brides forming the bulk of the content. In the workplace, Russian ladies will often receive flowers and small gifts from male co-workers, as well as from the employers themselves in some instances.

For Russian women, International Women’s Day is generally a day on which they will be treated well and feel in high spirits.  It’s one of great excitement and looked forward to by the clear majority of Russian ladies.

Russian brides

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What gifts to buy Russian brides for March 8th?

Giving gifts to Russian women on International Women’s Day is a must. It will show that you recognize and value the importance of the day to her, while also helping to make March 8th the special day that all Russian brides expect. Even though the festival is already over, you still have a chance to amaze your Russian bride.

Flowers are the most popular gift for a woman to receive on March 8th.  The day is very much a spring celebration, and show bright vivid colors are highly recommended when choosing flowers.

Traditional gifts you would buy for Russian women are also popular, including chocolate, perfume and cosmetics.  It’s worth speaking your Russian bride to see what she expects in the way of a gift too, and to find out if there are any family or local traditions when it comes to gift giving on March 8th.

In addition to these gifts, it’s also worth considering even more personal gifts that you could send to your beautiful Russian lady.  For example, writing a poem to her is quite an old-fashioned yet incredibly popular way of showing your lady how much she means to you.