Make this Women’s day unforgettable for your Russian lady

Women’s Day is the most internationally recognized day for celebrating your woman’s beauty and tenderness and your Russian lady will inevitably expect some effort from you. Russian women, although strong and independent, love romance and Women’s Day is widely celebrated throughout Russia. In order to ensure that you don’t disappoint this Women’s Day, here are a few suggestions to give your Russian lady the best experience you can.

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Buy thoughtful gifts for your Russian Lady

It is easy to fall into the trap of buying a commercial gimmick for Women’s Day and although most people enjoy flowers and chocolates, try to be more thoughtful when buying presents for your Russian lady. Surprise her by buying her a gift that really means something to you as a couple. Perhaps buy her a trip to a new romantic destination, have a photo framed if the day you met, buy her favorite perfume or have a personalized and bespoke token made.

Try to Marry your Cultures on Women’s Day

Captivate your Russian lady’s imagination by bringing some of your traditions to her and try to embrace the opportunity to entwine your cultures. Perhaps cook her a three course meal, with the starter being from your country and the main from hers, write a poem in both languages, buy a card in Russian and English. This effort is about showing your Russian lady that you care about her background and respect her nationality. Russian women are fiercely patriotic on the whole and so this is a great tip for impressing her and her family.

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Try to Give a Unique Date Experience for Your Russian Lady

Give your Russian lady the ultimate Women’s Day gift by arranging a unique and memorable date day and evening. Try to focus on arranging activities that she hasn’t experienced before and try to manage your plans within her hobbies. Think about taking your Russian woman ice skating, to the zoo, rock climbing, wine tasting or even to a pottery class. The key to having a successfully unique day is to not take your Russian lady out of her comfort zone but to try new things that she and you can talk about and remember for years to come.

Surprise your Russian Lady at Work

If your Russian lady has to work on Women’s Day, take the opportunity to surprise her there. Perhaps send her a bunch of flowers or balloon to the workplace. Better still, turn up at her office to take her out for a surprise romantic lunch. This gesture shows your Russian lady that you really care and don’t use work as an excuse to get out of romantic gestures!