Newest romantic novels worth reading with your Russian bride

There are few better ways of filling the summer days with your Russian bride than enjoying a romantic novel together.

Relaxing in the sunshine, or even on the sofa, with your Russian bride is a great way to enjoy some quality time together. Add a romantic novel into the mix, and the mood can be unforgettably pleasant and relaxing.

With that in mind, 2018 has seen a whole host of romantic novels published. Here are the latest romantic novels that you should enjoy with your Russian bride.

Russian bride

Let’s create our own fairy tale!

Love Me Like This, by Bella Andre

Released in January 2018, this novel by New York Times best-selling author Bella Andre is the latest book in the series about the Morrisons. It tells the story of Justin Morrison and his long-time crush, Taylor Cardenes.

It’s a story of passion that your Russian bride will love. They’ve both lusted after one another since they first met eight years previous, and when Justin turns up on the doorstep of Taylor’s Napa Valley B&B, romance blooms. The lush surroundings serenade the couple through stunning sunrises and sexy sunsets, but will Taylor’s secret derail the couple’s hopes of a long-lasting relationship?

The Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory

This brilliant debut novel by Jasmine Guillory tells the story of a guy called Drew and a chance meeting with a woman called Alexa. A power outage lands them both stuck within the confines of an elevator together. Drew’s ex-girlfriend is getting married the next day, and he’s without a plus-one.

He invites this new stranger in his life, Alexa, who accepts against her better judgment. The pair goes on to have much more fun at the wedding than previously anticipated. Your Russian bride will love the suspense and excitement this book offers, whole romance is on the agenda the entire time.

Russian bride

Let’s dream together!

Hello Stranger, by Lisa Kleypas

This outstanding novel tells the story of the only female physician in England, Dr. Garrett Gibson. She becomes the center of attention for mysterious spy whose motivations and loyalties are a mystery. For one incredible night, the pair gives in to the attraction between themselves for a night of passion. But can they simply go back to being strangers the next day?

Best Laid Plans, by Brenda Jackson

Nolan is a ladies’ man who just loves the attention and the glitzy parties. Ivy Chapman, meanwhile, is a straight-laced tech whizz who is most definitely not glitz or glam. However, when the pair has to pretend to b a couple to satisfy their families, the impossible begins to happen…they fall for each other. But which way will they go next?