How to recognize true love on an online dating site?

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Finding a partner through an online dating site can lead to concerns about the legitimacy of a relationship and the true intentions of a potential partner. Unfortunately scare stories are frequent relating to online dating experiences and warnings relating to rogues. Although it is often the women who are subjected to the bulk of alerts and warnings, men too are encouraged to recognise the signs of true love in order to avoid scams and benefit from the most successful experience.

When dating face-to face or in close proximity to a potential partner, we are able to pick up on signs, gestures and behaviours that alert us to concerns or the promise of true love. However, when meeting people on an online dating site, communication becomes more complex and we are not gifted with the benefit of body language. It is therefore necessary to be more observant, direct and conscious to potential signs that a relationship is escalating to more serious ways. Below are some of the signs that suggest that online dating has led to true love.

Changes in Rate of Contact

In the early stages of using an online dating site, contact with potential matches may be infrequent, follow no pattern and interactions may be brief. However, as the relationship progresses, contact through online dating is likely to progress to be more regular, lengthy and guaranteed. Rather than chancing that a potential partner is online, as the potential for love increases, so too will the organisation of future contact. When true love occurs from online dating sites, couples become less accepting of chance conversations or infrequent contact and require a greater commitment of each other.

Changes to Ending Conversations

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One of the most obvious ways to noise whether an online dating interaction is progressing into a more serious relationship is to pay attention to the way a partner ends a conversations. In the earliest chats, a couple may sign off with a more formal greeting such as ‘take care’, this may progress to a ‘x’ or ‘xoxo’. Aas true love enters into an online dating site relationship, a couple are more likely to invest more time and effort into their goodbyes. Whether a partner makes it obvious by saying ‘I love you’ at the end of a message or whether they elude this in coded messages or drawn out sign-offs, clues should become apparent. A person who is falling in love is unlikely to sign off quickly and will take care to leave lingering messages of affection.

Sharing Personal Information

Online dating sites will be keen to ensure that members do not share overly personal or private details and are guarded to promote safety. However, if love comes calling to an online dating relationship, a couple is more likely to share more intimate information. This may mean that guards are dropped and that information is shared relating to private matters, personal history or vulnerabilities and hopes for the future. Those who use online dating sites should be empathetic to the receipt of such information and respect the trust that is invested in them, whilst recognising the signs of true love.

Future Plans

When a couple begins to fall in love through an online dating site, future plans are likely to become a prioritised consideration. Signs that suggest a person is falling in love include the enthusiasm to arrange meetings, planning the logistics of seeing each other regularly and initiation of conversations relating to the likelihood of a future together. A person who is not serious about a relationship is less likely to attempt to make serious plans for years ahead.

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