What you can learn about your Russian bride from her mobile phone usage?

What you can learn about your Russian bride from her mobile phone usage?

Over the past two decades, mobile phone usage has boomed across the world, with smart phones now commonplace in just about every corner of the globe. How people use their mobile phones can tell us a lot about them, including your Russian bride.

In Russia, just like in most other developed countries in the world, people have become almost inseparable from their smartphones. This likely includes your Russian woman, who will be a keen user of her phone like many of her friends are.

But what can you learn from her smartphone usage, and is there anything to look out for? Here are some of the most common behaviours, and what they may be telling you.

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Long talks

If your Russian bride enjoys having long talks on her smartphone, especially to you, then it’s a pretty sure sign that she loves to have a human connection in the form of actual conversation. Speaking on the telephone is seen as being a little old-fashioned by some, but others still love to have that intimate connection that a telephone call can create.

If you enjoy long calls with your Russian bride, it’s also pretty safe to say that she enjoys talking to you, and probably wishes she could be spending time with you instead.

Instant messaging 

Thanks to mobile phones, communication has never been easier. Smartphones give us the chance to text message each other through either SMS messaging, or other apps.

If your Russian bride spends a lot of time sending you messages like this, it shows a real determination on her part to stay in touch even if it may be some busy days at work for her. Instant messaging could also be particularly effective in a relationship, and just how often you share messages will give you an idea as to how keen your Russian bride is about your relationship.

Playing games

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If your Russian bride enjoys playing games on her mobile phone, then you can read several things into it about her character or personality. Some people find games a great way to relax and be entertained, although if you’re in her company and she is playing the games alone, it’s probably not a good sign – you should probably work on the amount of attention you give her. Playing games also show that your Russian bride loves challenges and likes to stay mentally active. Many studies around the world have shown a real positive in mental aptitude from playing games regularly, so depending on the game your Russian lady could be proving her intelligence and showing you that she loves that challenge of winning.

Social networks 

Social networks have become part of our everyday life, and don’t expect your Russian bride to be any different in this sense. If she is regularly using social media on her phone, it’s likely that she loves to stay in touch with friends and be sociable even when on her own. It’s almost always a positive sign.