Best gifts for your Russian lady on Christmas Eve

Christmas is nearly upon us meaning it’s time to begin thinking about how you will spend the festive period and how you’ll celebrate it with your Russian lady in the best way.

One way in which you could help make it a Christmas to remember would be to buy a memorable gift for your Russian lady. Christmas Eve is a traditional day for exchanging gifts in the US, whereas in the UK, for example, gifts will be exchanged on Christmas Day.

So, with a little bit of forethought and preparation, you can pick out something that will really make your Russian lady have a Christmas to savour!

Russian lady

Let’s spend this Christmas together!

Here are a few ideas of gifts for your lady to get you started.

Best gifts for your Russian lady on Christmas Eve


Perfume is a time-honoured gift that your Russian lady will just love. If you know what her favourite perfume is, then buying that is a safe bet. If not, take a guess. She will love the thought behind the gift even if the scent isn’t perfect, so you’re on to a win-win.


Make-up is a great gift to buy for your Russian lady this Christmas. It can be expensive to buy, so only purchase what you can afford. She will love the fact that you have gone to the effort of buying something you may not know too much about.


There are a few things you can buy for your Russian lady that is more intimate or romantic, for example, lingerie. Buying some nice lingerie can be a great idea and is something quite personal to you both.

Russian lady

All I want for Christmas is you!


Almost everybody loves chocolate, and Christmas is a great time to buy it. There are so many fun and tasty choices to select from, your Russian woman is going to be in for a real treat when you wrap it up and give it to her on Christmas Eve.


Souvenirs are fascinating, and exchanging them might become a great tradition between international couples. If you buy your Russian lady some souvenirs from your country this Christmas, it’s sure to be a popular decision. You can choose some festively themed souvenirs which will keep a Christmassy atmosphere in her room for weeks.

Gift certificates

If all else fails, a great fall back for a Christmas gift for your Russian lady is a gift certificate. Certificates are available for almost every major retailer, so pick your lady’s favourite shop and buy a voucher which she can spend on whatever she wants!