A Russian wife – what is she like?

russian wife

Maybe I am your future wife?

Let’s begin by saying that a Russian wife is not what you read about in trashy online and newspaper articles about mail order brides.  A Russian wife is family orientated, intelligent, often beautiful, always well dressed and she loves to be given flowers.

It is a sad fact for the fairer sex in Russia that there are 10 million more females than males. This obviously leads to a shortage of husbands for 12% of Russian ladies and is the reason why many search outside Russia to find a good man who will enable them to have the family life and children that is a part of the Russian psyche.  Becoming a Russian wife, away from her home country, isn’t an easy decision to make but the cultural expectation within Russia to be married and have children encourages these brave Russian women to take the plunge.

Let’s look a little deeper into what makes a Russian wife tick.  A Russian lady is exceptionally well educated and enjoys being challenged on an intellectual level.  She also takes pride in her appearance and will put on makeup, do her hair and ensure she is well dressed just to nip into the supermarket for a loaf of bread, even putting on high heeled shoes for the occasion.

A Russian wife wants her husband to be a gentleman.  Russian girls expect their men to open the door for them and behave in a generally chivalrous fashion.  They are not feminists like their western counterparts.  This does not mean that a Russian wife is docile and compliant – far from it.  She is honest in all her relationships and if she feels you are not being honest with her or not pulling your weight she will tell you.  Russian wives work very hard on making relationships work with everyone around them.  They don’t skirt issues, they tackle them head on.  They may get a little emotional during disagreements but be assured they will be resolved quickly.

russian wife

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A Russian wife, like all Russian women, is fiercely loyal to her family.  It’s very important not to say anything derogatory about her family as you could find she shows you the door.  With time, a Russian family will treat their daughter’s spouse with the same passionate loyalty and respect with which they treat each other.

All Russian ladies know how to work hard and play hard.  A Russian wife enjoys going out for dinner or to a nightclub and she is equally comfortable entertaining at home.  Unlike women in the Western world who are increasingly putting children on hold to pursue their careers, Russian women are ready to settle down and have children by around the age of 25.  Family is exceptionally important to them and so at this age, they are looking for a permanent stable relationship which will lead to marriage.  A Russian wife wants the romance to continue throughout the marriage and will reward her husband with love, companionship, intellectual challenges and children.