Best tips for an unforgettable first kiss with a Ukrainian bride

Best tips for an unforgettable first kiss with a Ukrainian bride

Ukrainian brides are among the most beautiful in the world, but a lesser known fact is that they also love to be thoroughly romanced by their men.

Once you have met your dream Ukrainian bride, the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with, there will come that special time when you need to meet for the first time. Then, of course, there is that part of any relationship that ever guy longs for – the first kiss.

Sharing the first kiss with your Ukrainian bride will be an intense and sensual feeling, and it’s a moment that will stay with you forever.  So, how do you make that happen, and what should you do to make it memorable? So get ready for that big moment with your Ukrainian woman – here are some tips to help you make the right call when it comes to your first kiss.

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Make your first kiss unforgettable!

Make sure the moment is right 

The first kiss in any relationship should never be rushed, and it’s the same when you’re looking for that special first kiss with a Ukrainian lady. Considering the right moment, it’s important to recognise one in the context of the relationship. Have things gotten to a point where you are both falling in love and it is clear that there is a strong relationship developing? Are you sure that your Ukrainian bride is going to be ready for the kiss too?  If so, then go with what your heart says.  If you’re unsure, then it’s better to wait a few more weeks.

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Will you take the first step?

Is your Ukrainian bride comfortable around you? 

There are times when you’re around your Ukrainian girl and you know that she is as comfortable with you, as you are with her. If you’re unsure, test the water a little, get a little closer to her physically during days leading up to the kiss. See how she reacts with a little physical contact – try holding hands or going in for a hug.  If she is happy and comfortable doing these things, it’s likely that you’re good to go.

If possible, plan it somewhere romantic 

If you know your relationship is ready for the incredible first kiss, then see if you can make it happen somewhere romantic to help it be that extra bit special. Perhaps you can take your Ukrainian bride on an evening walk while the Sun sets. Historic landmarks, local parks and the sides of rivers make for incredible romantic locations, so if you can plan the kiss to happen there, she will remember it for the rest of her life.

Take your time 

So you know that you’re both ready, you’ve scouted and selected a special location. Now you’re finally ready for that incredible moment; the first kiss. Well, now you have got this far it’s important not to rush now. Take your time when you go in for the kiss, so you can be absolutely sure that she knows what’s coming.  If you have misread the signs and she is not ready for the kiss, it will allow her to pull away comfortably. If you rush in and kiss her without a warning, it can embarrass and startle her.

Be gentle with your Ukrainian bride

Finally, then you’re finally there and kissing, be gentle with her. Show your Ukrainian bride how special she is to you by kissing her slowly, sensually and gently.  This will make the kiss last longer, feel more intimacy and again, you’ll help her to make special memories about your relationship.