Top tips on how to develop a relationship with your Ukrainian lady

Ukrainian lady

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Ukrainian ladies are known for being some of the most beautiful women in the world. If you are looking to develop your relationship with your Ukrainian lady, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Today, a Ukrainian lady is respected highly, just like women in the western world. You will find Ukrainian ladies successfully pursuing many different types of careers, and very often in positions of power. Ukrainian ladies love to be romanced, but you should always keep being respectful even when speaking on a dating website.

Here are some tips for developing a relationship with your Ukrainian lady:

Do not use the word “love” lightly
While Ukraine has now caught the western world up in many ways when it comes to society, culture and how Ukrainian ladies are treated, a Ukrainian lady will still hold highly the value of the L-word. Do not declare your love for your Ukrainian lady after only a few meetings or exchanges, you need to show them that it’s genuine and that your commitment is serious. This will come over time.

Money is not everything
As mentioned above, Ukrainian women are much more likely to be in a great professional career themselves now, unlike perhaps in decades gone by. So firstly, respect that your Ukrainian lady may have her own money, but also do not declare how much money you are spending on a Ukrainian lady. They respect money, but it is frowned upon in Ukraine for a man to discuss money with a Ukrainian lady. All attention must be on the lady.

Ukrainian lady

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Respect her, compliment her, do not rush things
Ukrainian ladies like to be paid compliments and respected in every sense. Do not try to rush in to intimacy with a Ukrainian lady, or pressure them to commit to a relationship early on. If you have only previously spoken in letters, on a dating website or a mail order bride website, then take time to get to know her. You need to make your Ukrainian lady feel special, feel complimented and feel as though she is the centre of your universe. Ukrainian ladies can be insulted by men who make a move to take the relationship intimate too early.

Count the flowers carefully
Like in many cultures, giving your Ukrainian lady flowers is a good thing. You’re showing her attention, love and a commitment by buying her gifts.  However, Ukrainian ladies will be sure to check how many flowers you give – make sure you give an odd number of flowers.  In Ukraine, you only take an even number of flowers to a funeral.

Educate yourself on the Ukrainian culture
Ukraine has a colourful and fascinating history, and while you should not need to educate yourself on it all, your Ukrainian lady is likely to be impressed if you know something about their culture and history. By showing her your knowledge of the Ukrainian history and culture, you will let her know how important she is for you.