5 Places to Visit on Christmas Holidays with Your Ukrainian Lady

Ukrainian Lady

Online dating has been successful, and you’re now looking for the best places to visit at Christmas with your Ukrainian lady? Like most Orthodox and Catholic Christians, Ukrainian women worship the winter holidays. Choosing the right place to take her, therefore, is crucial. If you need some inspiration, here are 5 of the most awesome getaways.

1. Lviv, Ukraine

In Ukraine, like in most Eastern European countries, Christmas is a holiday to spend at home with loved ones. If she’s a traditionalist, perhaps it’s not a good idea to plan a far-away escape during this time of the year. Instead, you can dive into the Christmas spirit in Lviv.

Ukrainian Lady

I’m eager to fall in love!

This is one of the best cities in Ukraine to visit in December. Expect Christmas markets and streets echoing to the sound of carols.

Ukrainian Christmas traditions are kept alive here, and besides spending a different holiday yourself, it’s a nice way to show your Ukrainian lady that you really care about her culture and traditions.

2. Hot Jar Spa, The Carpathians

If you’re dreaming of a romantic white Christmas for two, a mountain getaway could impress most Ukrainian girls. There are dozens of gorgeous places across Europe, but if she doesn’t want to get too far away from home, you can pick the Carpathian mountains.

For a unique experience, book a night or two in a chalet with hot jar spas. This treatment originating from Austria and Hungary consists of a cast iron tub placed on a fire that warms up the water to about 45°C.

River stones on the bottom of the tub prevent burning while also enhancing blood flow. A type of spa that’s not only healthy; admiring the white mountain slopes while soaking in your hot tub, sipping some local wine in the company of your gorgeous Ukrainian girlfriend, is priceless.

3. Rome, Italy

Ukrainian Lady

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Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world all year round, but it becomes strikingly beautiful at Christmas. From colorful decorations around the Colosseum to the amazing St. Peter’s Square, this city has a lot to offer.

Among twinkling lights, the yuletide vibes of the Eternal City can conquer even the toughest hearts. Dozens of Christmas markets can keep you entertained, and this cosmopolitan metropolis is also a great destination for holiday shopping.

4. Salajland, Croatia

Croatia is not the first country that comes to mind when planning Christmas getaways, but it’s the place to go if you want to show your Ukrainian girl how an American Christmas can be like.

Here, the Salaj family creates a Christmas wonderland, embellishing their property with millions of lights and fancy decorations. Located near Zagreb, this place is a great choice if you want to surprise her.

Apart from Salajland, you can also visit the Christmas markets in Zagreb, not to mention Italy is just a stone throw away.

5. Paris, France

The French capital couldn’t have missed from a list of romantic European Christmas vacations. Like most big cities, the City of Light becomes magic during this season. From mighty cathedrals resounding with live carols to the smell of freshly baked croissants and brilliant decorations, Paris will make you two fall more in love than you already are.

Just like Rome, Paris has it all. Fancy restaurants, joyful markets, and amazing shopping avenues. No doubt, an excellent option your Ukrainian lady will love.