Anti Scam Policy

AllTverLadies fully supports an anti-scam policy to help protect our visitors so we recommend that everyone follows the primary guidelines set out below in order to keep safe while being involved in online dating whether this is with our Russian brides online or using Ukraine dating sites in order to meet a lady.

In order to keep safe you should:

  1. Only arrange meetings or dates with one of our girls through the ‘Date Me’ service located on the site.
  2. Never exchange personal contact information or details about yourself through the website, only exchange this when you meet in person in the city that the lady comes from.
  3. Do not send money to the ladies on the site.
  4. If you want to send a gift to a lady only use the ‘Gift Delivery Service Gallery’ located on the website. Do not send anything else to the ladies.
  5. Utilize the Live Video Chat facility on the website in order to see each other face to face.

Don’t be put off finding Russian brides online is Russian and Ukraine dating sites in one Whether you are looking for Russian women dating services, to find a Ukrainian bride or just to see what options are out there for you, you need to keep an eye out for spam. We constantly monitor the people who sign up to our website to ensure the security and safety of our clients, but here are some ways to spot possible spam:

  1. If Russian brides online request financial support from you in terms of money or gifts then please inform us as we will need to investigate the case thoroughly. Once the investigation is complete the lady will be deleted from our database as AllTverLadies promotes women who are looking for emotional gain rather than financial gain.
  2. If you find any information from the lady’s profile is not true including personal details such as her marital status, name, children, age or language level then make us aware. Unlike other Ukrainian dating sites we do not condone false information and will thoroughly investigate any case where we believe this to be the case. Again any women found to be giving out false information will be deleted from our website.
  3. To find Russian brides online a lady’s profile needs to be used by her and her alone. If you feel that a ladies profile is being used by an agency or a third party again we need to thoroughly investigate this. The only person who should talk to prospective partners is the lady who is in the photos provided and whose information is recorded on our website. Once we have investigated the incident we will fine and/or band the affiliate partner that would have initiated the scam activity on our website.

There are some situations which would not be classed as spam and would not lead to deletion from our Ukrainian dating sites which include:

  1. If the lady in question refused to follow through with a relationship or get more intimate with a man after meeting him.
  2. If inaccuracies are made when a letter is translated between a man and a lady through our affiliate partners.
  3. Keep in mind that wearing rings - even on the traditional wedding finger- is common within Slavic or Asian countries and this doesn’t always mean that the lady in question is engaged or married.
  4. If the lady you are talking to doesn’t respond directly to all the questions which a man sends.
  5. If the lady decides to post photos of males in her life such as friends, relatives, ex-husbands/ ex-boyfriends or discloses other personal information about herself across social media.

Anti-Scam Claim Form

Our Ukraine dating sites support anti-scam policies and we do not tolerate or accept any form of spam activity across our website which is caused by any of clients or members. If the unfortunate does happen and you are scammed while you’re looking for Russian brides online we encourage you to register a claim.

If you are looking to make a claim because of Russian women dating problems or issues which break our terms and conditions then it is essential that an anti-scam form is filled out to the best of your ability by each claimant seeking to make a claim. Looking for Russian brides online shouldn’t result in you being scammed but we give this option as peace of mind to our users that they are protected should the worst happen.

If you have difficulties when filling in the anti-scam claim form or you have questions which you’d like answering then we have a dedicated customer support service who can give you the assistance that you require while using our Ukraine dating sites.

Once you have filled in the form and submitted your claim we will investigate each and every claim which we receive. We will do everything within our power to stop all scam which is reported to us to keep our users safe and to prevent any issues with finding Russian brides online in the future. The standard result from a claim submitted and an investigation leads to the scammers profile being deleted from our site and the user being banned forever. If a scammer has an association with an agency or affiliate then we may fine the agency or terminate the partnership which we hold with them.

Russian women dating sites should always feel safe and welcoming which is why we do not tolerate behaviour which goes against our sites guidelines.

In order to make a claim on our Ukraine dating sites you should:

  1. Thoroughly fill in the form which is included below
  2. Attach all documents and evidence which you have to support your claim which can include chat dialogs, photos, phone call records, screenshots of e-mails or letters, chat invitations and much more. Any evidence which can show the scammer is important and incredibly helpful within your case.
Anti-Scam Claim Form
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Protection code
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By using our site you should abide by the guidelines we impose and please do not report a claim against an individual who has not scammed you. It is not fair on either party. Only fully filled in anti-scam claim forms will be investigated by the AllTverLadies team because we need as much information as possible before we can look into any case through Russian women dating sites. If you submit a form which has incomplete information we will wait until you have submitted the information and evidence needed before we begin our investigation. So if when looking for Russian brides online you have had an issue you should submit all of your information and evidence as early as you can to speed up the claims process.

We provide thorough investigation into all claims made against our Ukrainian dating sites present thousands Russian brides online Experiences with Russian women dating should not be a negative one which is why we would like to apologize in advance if you have had an unfortunate experience finding Russian brides online or through our Ukraine dating sites. The professional team which we have working at AllTverLadies will do everything in their power to fully investigate your claim and they will keep you fully informed of the final results from the investigation.

We hope that your one negative experience will not prevent you from continuing to use our website and find love through our Russian women dating site. You never know love might be just around the corner.

If you want to update your claim or have any suggestions, comments or questions then please contact our customer support service where our advisers will be happy to put your mind at ease. We appreciate your patience during the investigation process and hope that your experience ends as a happy one.

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