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What is Live Video Chat?

Gone are the days of old fashioned online dating services – with so much technology now at our fingertips we can now enjoy dating chat online. Whether your objective is to just browse and look for someone you would like to chat further with or you want to marry a Russian woman for example then our 2-way Live Video Chat will help you to get to know someone better – helping you to make decisions and find love.

Dating chat sites allow you to open up the communication even further and rather than just looking at a picture you can chat live with 2 way Live Video Chat. Rather than imagining her voice, laugh, smile and sense of humor you can actually get to know each other much better. Enjoying a joke for example becomes much more meaningful than exchanging written texts. It is also so much harder to read the tone of a plain text message as sometimes the written word can be open to misinterpretation and the intended tone may be lost.

Previously you could only see your lady online – she wouldn’t be able to see you. Now she can see when you turn on a two way session just as you can see when she is online and available to chat.

So how does 2 Way Video Chat work?

Firstly you need to be logged on to with your user name and password ensuring that you have a web camera connected to your laptop/computer/tablet etc. The lady that you wish to chat with should also have done the same. The camera icon webcam  on her profile picture means that she is online and ready for online chat.

You can then decide if you want to start a 2-way live chat or if you want to just continue with the 1 way Live Video Chat where she can’t see you but you can see her. As long as she is online and has the webcam icon showing in her profile pic she is live and available for 1 or 2 way chat. If you decide to join in the 1 way hat and change to 2 way when her video starts paying you can activate your own camera. You will then be able to see each other in the chat window.

Am I restricted to just one lady?

No not at all. With 2-way Live Video Chat you can have multiple chats online and they will all see the same image that you see of yourself in the bottom corner of the chat window. We would recommend that you will want to make the right impression so although you don’t have to go overboard and don a dicky bow and dinner suit remember that first impressions count so brush your hair and look presentable.

What else should I know?

It is free to join AllTversLadies com but there are costs for 2-way Live Video Chat which are 5 credits for 1 minute of online video chatting. With 1 way Live Video Chat this is 4 credits. The lady cannot just see you with 1 way it always you who sees her.

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