5 Things You Should Never Talk About on a First Date with a Russian Single

When it comes to first dates, we all have slideshows of embarrassing moments and ridiculous things that fell out of our mouth. If you want to impress that hot Russian single you just met online, you should know that there are certain topics you simply shouldn’t touch.

Russian women are hard to win and easy to lose. So, if you want a second date, here are a few conversations you should avoid having.

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Do not Tell Your Russian Single about Past Loves and Relationships

The vast majority of people on online dating sites have had past relationships. Maybe you even dated a woman or two you met online. Trust us, though; a Russian single doesn’t want to hear about them on the first date.

She’s on a dating site because she’s looking for the love of her life. Not for a man who didn’t get over a past relationship yet.

Focus the conversation on her. Ask her what she likes, what are her aspirations, where she sees herself in a year or two. Talk about your dreams and aspirations; just leave your exes out of the conversation.

Your Financial Situation

There is a strong misconception that Eastern European women dating Western men are only looking for money. This is far from the truth, though.

Russian ladies seek in Western men what they can’t find in Russian men. They look for an affectionate partner who knows that it takes two to build a relationship. That’s why talking about your financial situation on your first date with a Russian single will only put her off.

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Work or Family Drama

No workplace or family is perfect, but your first date needs no negativity. What are the odds that she wants to know how Tom from the HR department pisses you off or how your sister upset your mother when she didn’t show up for a family event?

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to share these facts with her once you’ve got to know each other a little better, but keep conversation positive and neutral on your first date.

Politics or Religion Won’t be Interesting to Your Russian Single

Some hot topics you should never talk about on a first date with a Russian single are politics and religion. Russian women are typically very faithful, and some have strong opinions about politics in their country. Debating on these subjects can lead to a host of contradictions, so just avoid them. Now that you know what themes to avoid on a first date with a Russian single, asking out that hot girl you met on alltverladies.com should be easy.  And there are high chances you’ll even score a second date!