Tips to Stay Connected to Your Slavic Lady During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Slavic lady

The pandemic has hit us all hard. We are not only missing going out, but the worst is we are missing out on our partners as well. If you have fallen for a Slavic lady and you are stuck with this pandemic, it means that you won’t be able to see her for quite some time now. However, this pandemic has taught us to look for ways to stay connected to one another. Here are some ideas that you can try to stay connected to your Slavic lady during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I want to see a strong man next to me.

Try Remote Streaming

So what if you can’t go out with your Slavic lady to watch an upcoming movie. You can always plan for a date night, keeping social distancing in mind. Online streaming platforms are now streaming the latest movies. Prepare some snacks that both of you will enjoy, fix the time and day, and start a virtual watch party. You can go to a virtual Netflix party and enjoy the movie together. 

Try a Virtual Game Night

There is a myriad of multi-player games that both of you can download and start playing.

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Just like you have a game night with your friends, you will have a game night with your Slavic lady, but online. Here are some fun games you can play with her- Overcooked 2, Stardew Valley, It Takes Two, and more. These are just some suggestions; you can try out board games if you like.

Stay Intimate from Afar

When you fail to meet your Slavic lady for a long time, you can soon miss the intimate moments you used to have with her. However, the digital age has made a lot of things become possible, you may use your fantasy and get the best of it.

Call Her to Stay Connected

Another thing that you can do is call your Slavic girlfriend. Indeed, you might be doing that already, but rather than following a routine and calling her once in the morning to say good morning or at night to wish her goodnight, try calling her when she least expects it. That’s how you will keep the passion intact. Let her know that you missed her or remembered something funny that you want to share. She will love it.