How to make conversation with your online girlfriend more interesting?

How to make conversation with your online date more interesting?

Speaking with your online girlfriend can sometimes be a little bit tricky, with a language barrier and other circumstances often standing in the way of that truly engaging conversation.  So, how can you make things more interesting?

If you’re finding the conversation a little bit tricky, to begin with when speaking with your single it’s worth taking some time to consider some simple topics of conversation. Or even some activities that you may be able to do to liven things up and help break the ice.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Play games

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Let’s talk about our hobbies!

While verbal conversation can be the language of love, it can also be really awkward when the participants speak different languages. Also, they can have other things stopping them from being truly fluent. So why not introduce some simple games?  Whether you’re in the same room or video chatting from different sides of the world, games can make things fun and break down those tricky moments of silence.

Try drawing games, for example, where you draw out different things to guess what it is? You’ll be surprised just how conversation skills can develop based on some simple fun!

Stop being so serious with your online girlfriend

Sometimes, when you think a conversation is boring you inadvertently take steps which make it worse! You try too hard, talking about even more mundane things in order to communicate and find common ground. For example, the weather, or what they’ve done today. Instead, why not try and talk about family, friends or funny stories from your past?

For example, “name a time when you laughed so much you cried”. Just recalling these stories will make at least one of you laugh and enjoy themselves, and you’ll probably find it makes the whole conversation with your Russian woman much better.

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I like to swim! And you?

Talk about hobbies

This is probably a bit simpler, but try finding some common ground in conversation. Start with hobbies, and as you both talk about what you love to do you may just stumble across something you both love to do. If you do, then you’re all set – conversation should never be boring!

Ask about the plans of your online girlfriend

If you’re really struggling, then ask your single about her plans for the rest of the day, or week. Or even life (career ambitions, etc). Where does she see herself in 50 years?  These kinds of questions can lead to all sorts of interesting conversations.

Prepare your list of topics

If all else fails, then prepare ahead of your conversation a list of topics that you could discuss or bring up. Five minutes of brain-storming will likely do the job, so don’t get too hung up on it. A list of lots of topics that you find interesting will be fine, and once you get talking the rest will probably flow naturally.