Do’s and Don’ts When Dating a Slavic Lady With Children

Slavic lady

Dating a lady that already has children can feel tricky, but also the rewards are magnificent. Once you are in a relationship with a Slavic lady and have created your very own blended family you’ll feel on top of the world. Don’t worry if you think that dating a Slavic lady with children is too much of a challenge – these tips will help.

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Do Be Understanding When Plans Change

No matter the age of her children, there will be times when they need her. Although it can be frustrating when your Slavic lady cancels or rearranges your plans try to understand that she has a very good reason to do so. Make sure she knows that you understand and support her need to be there for her children.

Do Pay An Interest in Her Children

Even before you have met her children, be sure to pay interest in how they are and what they have been up to. She is likely to be proud of their achievements and wants to tell you about them. The best way to impress your Slavic lady is to be interested in her children.

Do Go At Her Pace When It Comes To Introducing You

You might be itching to meet her children, but it is important to recognize that she knows best when it comes to her children. If she wants to delay things so that you don’t meet them straight away you should not take this personally. A Slavic lady will always put her children first and as someone who wishes to date her; this is something that you should respect.

Do Include The Children in Your Plans

Once you have met her and have her permission to do so, you should include the children in your plans. Of course, you will want date nights with just you and your Slavic lady but actually taking the whole family for a day out can earn you some serious boyfriend points.

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Do Communicate With the Children

Depending on their age, make sure you talk to the children. They will be wondering who you are and what your place is going to be in their family. Each child is different so speaking to them about their needs and how you can all fit together is the best way to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Don’t Act As A Father Figure Replacement

Whether or not the children have an active male role model in their life, trying to step in as a replacement father rarely works. Instead, work with your Slavic lady to work out what works best for you and where your place will be with the children. That way you get to carve your own place into the family setup and this generally works best.

Don’t Be Too Heavy Handed

Always go in gentle – don’t rush things or expect things too soon. Children are often protective of their mother and will be wary of your intentions and whether you will hurt her. Ensuring that you take things slowly will help them to adjust to you being part of their lives.

Don’t Over Rule Her Way Of Disciplining Them

Whether or not you agree with how she brings up her children, the way she disciplines them, or the decisions that she makes, never disagree with your Slavic lady. Her children will be very important to her and if you go against her wishes, she may take this personally and feel that you think she is wrong. Instead; if she wants you to play an active role with the children work with her carrying out her wishes as you go.