Do’s and don’ts when dating Slavic singles over 40

Life begins at 40 if you believe the old saying, and it’s certainly a great time to be enjoying dating Slavic singles.

However, if you are dating Slavic singles who are aged 40 and over, there are obviously some things that you will need to do differently than you would if you were dating a younger woman.

So, if you’ve found the single of your dreams, or perhaps you’re looking for that perfect Slavic single over 40, then our do’s and don’ts list which we have put together below is going to be invaluable to you. Make sure you read it and don’t make any of the mistakes that guys make over and over again.


Slavic woman
I need a confident man

Be confident and self-assured – these beautiful, mature singles are not likely to entertain the idea of dating a guy who is not assured of himself. If you lack confidence, then it’s best to find a way of hiding it or at least make sure that you come across as genuine.

Be romantic – some young women may overlook romance in certain situations, but Slavic singles over 40 will want to be treated with a degree of class and that will most certainly include an effort to be romantic.

Be respectful of, and interested in, her career – Slavic singles in their 40s are likely to be in the midst of a professional career. It may be extremely important to her, so you’re going to need to show interest and be understanding if her work places a demand on her time.

Dress well – ditch the weird fashion or the hipster jeans and make sure you put some effort into dressing well. Even if you’re going for a relaxed night out, you can still dress in a smart-casual style. Women at this stage of their life will most likely prefer sophisticated and style over trying to be edgy or different.


Slavic woman
I am passionate and experienced

Be arrogant – a sure way to turn-off a more mature single is to add cocky and arrogant. They’ve seen it all before and they’ll likely view it as immature or a lack of self-confidence.  Neither are going to be attractive, so be sure to think about how you need to act around Slavic singles over 40.

Show desperation – again, these women will have seen desperate men for years and probably had to fend off many advances from them. They want quality relationships from men with a certain amount of class about them, so don’t show your desperation as it will likely end in tears – for you.

Be too clingy – if you’re too over-protective or demanding on their time, you’re not likely to get far. Sure, be affectionate and show her how much she means to you but let her breath and lead her own life. She will have lots of friends, hobbies and career challenges to spend time on as well.

Don’t mention age – a golden rule with any single is not to ask about or talk about age. A Slavic woman in her 40s, like any other singles, will not particularly want to talk about age, so don’t even try to bring it up in conversation unless she does.