Epiphany Day: Impress your Russian Lady Following Slavic Traditions

Russian lady

Dating a Russian lady means you’ll have to learn a thing or two about her Slavic traditions. The first thing to know is that in Russia, the Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar. What this means is that some of the Christian holidays, such as Christmas and New Year, to name just a few, are celebrated according to the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian one.

An important holiday right after Christmas is Epiphany; it’s celebrated by Catholics too, but on another date. If you want to impress your Russian woman, though, here’s how to celebrate epiphany following the Slavic traditions.

It’s Celebrated on January 19

It is hard to celebrate a holiday if you don’t know when. According to the Julian calendar, the Christmas holidays run from January 7 to January 19, and the epiphany takes place exactly on this day.

Russian lady

I’m dreaming of you!

If you didn’t know by now, it’s also important to find out that this holiday celebrates the day when Jesus adopted Christianity by being baptized by John the Baptist into river Jordan. Why should you know this? Because it will explain some of the Slavic traditions below.

It Marks the End of Christmas Celebrations

Another thing to know is that epiphany marks the end of Christmas celebrations in Russia. So, the best thing to do if you want to impress your Slavic woman is to plan a full Russian Christmas with her from January 7 to January 19. You’ll also get a chance to celebrate the Old New Year on January 14. Getting back to the epiphany day, here’s how to celebrate it.

Collect Water

Russian lady

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Marking Jesus’ baptism, epiphany is all about water. To impress your Slavic woman, get all fancy on January 18 and attend mass. Drink holy water and collect some in a bottle to take home. Most Russians keep this water in their  homes throughout the year for good luck.

Dive into Holy Water

Obviously, drinking holy water might not be enough. Your Russian lady will only be impressed if you actually dive into the holy water. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a river, lake, sea, or any other body of water. Keep in mind, though that’ll be freezing out there.

Perhaps diving into the waters of a thermal spa won’t really impress your Russian lady, but it could be a better solution if you’re not in really good health.

Collect Water Again

On the morning of January 19, people attend mass again and collect new holy water. While there is hardly any difference between this water and the one you collected the night before, your Russian lady will most likely appreciate your effort.

That’s it! This is how to impress your Russian lady on the epiphany day following Slavic traditions. Only remember to follow all safety rules and guidelines if you really decide to take the icy plunge.