Famous Movies You Can Discuss with Your Ukrainian Lady

Ukrainian Lady

There are few better ways to enjoy a romantic night with your Ukrainian lady than by settling down to enjoy a good movie together.

Movies are a traditional favourite on date night. From romantic comedies through to action packed thrillers, regardless of what your taste is, there is almost certainly a movie that you can settle down to enjoy alongside each other.

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Let’s watch a movie together!

The great thing with movies is you don’t just have to watch them to enjoy them. In fact, because many of the big movies are known around the world, they also provide a great talking point.

Your Ukrainian lady will love to talk about her favourite films, but you can also help direct the conversation by talking about some classic motion pictures. It can help to influence the mood. For example, if you want to have a romantic conversation, then discuss some romantic movies that everyone knows and loves.

If you want to have a fun and light-hearted chat, then think about some of the classic comedy films down the years that your Ukrainian lady will probably know and love as well.

Struggling for inspiration? If so, here are some great movies to discuss wiyh your Ukrainian lady.

Dirty Dancing

There are few more iconic movies than Dirty Dancing. This romantic powerhouse was released in 1987 but remains incredibly possibly today for loving couples who want to snuggle up and enjoy a night in front of the television. It’s a bit of a tear-jerker, but a great excuse to cosy up together.


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Do you prefer to watch a movie at home or go to the cinema?

If you want a movie you can discuss your favourite parts of and share jokes from, then The Hangover is a great option. There are so many hilarious parts in this movie that you will find lots of things you laugh at together. It also has some romantic subplots too, so it’s a great film to talk about.

Pretty Woman

When it comes to romantic films, there are few more iconic than the 1990 smash Pretty Woman. Featuring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, your Ukrainian girl is sure to have watched this and there are plenty of great talking points.

American Pie

If you and your Ukrainian lady are in your 20s or 30s, a great movie to talk about may be American Pie. Hilarious, romantic and somewhat cringe-worthy, this infamous movie is sure to have you both laughing at the sheer stupidity. It’s a great icebreaker.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Depending on what stage you’re at in your relationship, Fifty Shades of Grey could be a very fun movie to talk about with your Ukrainian lady.