Five famous theatres that you can go to with your Ukrainian wife

Ukrainian wife

Ukraine is a country littered with beautiful theatres which are steeped in history and tradition. Treating your Ukrainian wife to a night at one of these iconic venues is sure to be a special event.

So, if the theatre scene is new to you, it’s well worth knowing which of Ukraine’s theatres are most impressive and why. Where are they located and what style of architecture to they boast?

Ukrainian wife

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Knowing these small but important facts will help you to organise the most memorable of nights out for your Ukrainian wife.

Here are the top five most famous which are well worth a visit:

Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

There is simply only one place to start this list of venues to wow your Ukrainian wife, and that is at Lviv’s stunning Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Opened in 1901, this timeless beauty boasts some of the most intricate and iconic neo-Renaissance architecture in Europe.

You could spend hours just marvelling at the outside of the building, which is often compared to similar establishments in Vienna, but take a step inside and be blown away by the splendour of the interior. This is one not to be missed – the ballet and opera that is regularly staged there is also well worth checking out!

National Opera House of Ukraine

If you’re in the capital city, then a visit with your Ukrainian wife to the National Opera House of Ukraine is a must. Located at the meeting point of two of Kiev’s busiest streets, the building has a wonderful stucco moulding on the exterior and lots of detailing that will have you in awe.

Ukrainian wife

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It’s been host to some of the most remarkable Ukrainian ballet shows of all time, including those by Sergei Polunin, one of Ukraine’s favourite sons.

National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Kharkov

Kharkov is a hotbed for Ukrainian theatre and ballet, and the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is among the moat renowned. Opening in 1925, it is also one of Ukraine’s oldest theatres and has an awe-inspiring Soviet-style interior which is not to be missed.

Opera and Ballet Theatre, Odessa

Any trip to the theatre is romantic, but taking your Ukrainian wife to this gem of a venue in Odessa will certainly turn the romance up. Arguably the most beautiful of all Ukrainian theatres, this 19th-century building is one of the country’s favourites.

Academic Drama Theatre of Taras Shevchenko, Ternopil

Finally, we’ve opted for this wonderful theatre in Ternopil as another great venue to enjoy an evening with your Ukrainian wife. Opened in 1957 and capable of seating up to 600 people, it boasts some incredibly and ornate interior and points of interest.