Five popular dishes to impress your Russian woman

Dating a lady from a different part of the world is very exciting and can really broaden your horizons. If you’re dating a Russian woman, then why not try and impress her by making a classic Russian meal?

Your Russian woman may have moved to your home country and be used to a different style of food than the one she grew up with. In fact, it may be months or years since she was truly able to enjoy a taste from home.

So, next time you’re inviting her round for a romantic date night, why not try something a little different to really impress her? If you already know what her favorite Russian food is, then look-up a recipe and start working on surprising her by pulling it together.

If you don’t know what food she likes most, then you could just take a gamble and cook a traditional Russian meal for her as a surprise. Imagine how happy she’d be! Not to mention how proud of you she would be.

To help you get started, here are five Russian dishes that would definitely impress your Russian woman:

Russian woman
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Beef Stroganoff

There are a couple of Russian dishes that have gone on to be hugely popular internationally. One of those is the widely loved beef stroganoff. Containing finely sliced beef fillet, mushrooms, and onion which are seared and served in a white wine sauce, this is a great dish for a winter’s evening. If you struggle with cooking, this is one of those meals that you could almost certainly find a jar of sauce for at your local major supermarket!

Borscht for your Russian woman

Another Russian delicacy that has found its way to other parts of the world, is essentially a beetroot soup which can also contain any number of other ingredients such as meat, carrots, and potatoes. It’s fairly easy to make and there are hundreds of local variations on the recipe through Russia, so it may be a case of finding the easiest one and sticking to that!

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Solyanka soup

Another warming soup that is great for autumn and winter is the Solyanka soup. Much less common outside of Russia than our first two, it’s a sweet and sour soup which can include fresh cured beef, pork and a mix of olives, capers, tomatoes, onions, parsley, and dill. Again, it’s pretty easy to make beyond the preparation.

Blini — dessert for your Russian woman

Blini are very similar to French crepes but are lighter. You can serve them as a sweet or savory dish with a topping of your choice! They’re always popular and work for just about any occasion. Why not serve them for dessert with a little honey for a real traditional twist?


Kotleti is pretty easy to make if you have a deep-fat fryer knocking around. They’re basically fried meat patties that contain minced onion as well and are coated in breadcrumbs. Beef or chicken are the most common fillings.