Five Tips on How to Behave Around Friends of Your Ukrainian Lady

Ukrainian Lady

If you’ve met that perfect Ukrainian lady, no matter where you are up to in your relationship with her, you’re probably incredibly happy and enjoying being part of her life.

You’ll be keen to be involved in every part of her life, as she will be with yours, but when your Ukrainian lady decided to introduce you to her friends, it’s time to really step up to the plate.

Are you the one?

There are many reasons you may be invited to spend time with her friends. A Ukrainian lady may look for some sort of approval from her friends that her guy is the right man for her, but it may also be as simple as just wanting to socialise with those she cares about most.

Whatever the reason, when you do meet the friends of your Ukrainian lady, you need to make sure that you’re doing and saying all of the right things. Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind:

Be polite and respectful

First and foremost, whenever you’re with your Ukrainian lady, you should always be polite and respectful. However, when you’re also with her friends who she will adore and value greatly, you need to make sure that your manners and politeness extend to these people as well.

Make sure you take time to introduce yourself to each of them, compliment them on their outfit and ask how they are. You may also wish to buy them a drink. Don’t talk over them and if you ask a question then make sure you give them a chance to answer it.

Don’t come across as arrogant

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Arrogance is not an attractive characteristic and your Ukrainian lady will not like you being arrogant anyway. When you’re around her friends, even if it’s because you feel the need to impress them, make sure you do not come across as arrogant. Don’t just talk about yourself, your career and your own life. This must be a conversation, not a lecture.

Avoid seeming like you’re controlling

Give your Ukrainian lady time and space to enjoy her conversations with friends and do not give the impression that you’re hurrying her or trying to control any element of the conversation.

Don’t talk about ex-girlfriends or partners

This is a pretty simple one, but don’t bring up the topic of past relationships when you’re talking to her friends. Not only will the conversation almost certainly get back to your Ukrainian lady, but it’s also disrespectful and not a good look.

Never flirt with any of her friends

Finally, even if her friends are beautiful or flirt with you, do not flirt with any of her friends.