How to make a proper first impression when dating online?

They say that first impressions are everything, and while that may not strictly be true when dating online that first impression is so important.

A first impression can come from a variety of places when dating online. It could be from your dating profile, it could be in video chat or it may be from exchanges messages. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re always prepared, ready to ensure that the all-important first impression you give is a great one.

Here are a few quick tips which will make sure that the first impression you give is a good one when dating online.

Be friendly and personable

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Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to get things off to a good start when dating online is to be friendly. It really isn’t hard to do either! Russian women, for example, love to have a friendly chat with a guy they meet for the first time, so you just need to make sure you do things right.

Be polite, compliment her on her looks, laugh at her jokes and make her feel comfortable. There are a few of the easiest ways of making the conversation feel friendly.

Don’t be arrogant or egotistical while dating online

A huge turn-off for any woman, especially online, is when a guy is arrogant or egotistical. If you’re either of these, then that first impression is going to be a negative one. Even if you know you do have a tendency to take yourself a bit too seriously or perhaps be a bit arrogant, then try your best to tone it right down.

Have plenty of conversation topics, just in case – Russian singles love to chat!

First impressions in dating online can be formed from many scenarios. One important factor in the early success of any relationship is the conversation between you and your partner. If it is too awkward and dries up too quickly, the lady is going to feel uncomfortable and it will probably end the relationship before it’s had a chance to begin.

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If it helps, write down a list of things to talk about before you connect online; even if you don’t need to refer to it, it’s a great back-up plan which will give you confidence should things slow down a little.

Use honest, real photos in your online dating profiles

Your online dating profile plays a huge role in the first impression a lady will get of you. By following a few simple rules, your photo is going to give a better impression of you. First, don’t be overly posed on it. Crop anyone out of the photograph that isn’t you and make sure the photo is recent and clear.

Make it enjoyable!

Last but not least, however you first interact with your online date, make it fun! When dating online, there should always be a sense of fun and excitement, so I that first video chat lacks the spark and enjoyment, it’s unlikely to go any further!