How to Know When it’s Time to Say ‘I Love You’ to Your Russian Lady

Russian lady

If you’re in a relationship then you know when things are going well, but when is the right time to tell your Russian lady truly how you feel?

For women the world over, the first time they hear those special words from their man is a big deal. It’s what they long to hear from you and may mean that they can begin to see a long-term future for you together.

Russian Lady

Would you like to travel together?

If you’ve got really strong feelings toward your Russian lady and things are going well, then it may well be time to start considering saying those three little words; “I love you”.

However, for many men, they can be unsure when is the right time to say it? How can you be sure of your own feelings and perhaps more importantly, does your Russian lady want to hear those words from you? Will she reciprocate?

We’ve put together a list of signs that can tell you that it’s time to say “I love you” to your Russian lady.

You spend a lot of time together

A definite sign that things are going incredibly well is when you spend a lot of time with your Russian lady through choice and you’re both desperate to spend as much time together as possible. If the first thing you want to do in the morning is get online and see her or speak to her, you probably know in your own heart that it’s time to tell her.

You’re both happiest when you’re together

In relationships that include true love, there is one common factor that is sure to exist. That is that you’re both at your happiest when spending time together. If this is true of your relationship with your Russian lady, then it’s a pretty sure sign that you love each other. 

Russian lady

I want to find my love here!

Your Russian lady is dropping hints about your futureWomen have that amazing skill of dropping hints or making throwaway comments about a future together. It could be comments about “growing old together”, or “when we retire” or maybe even she’s mentioned something about having a family or having kids? If so, these probably weren’t just throwaway comments at all. She is testing your reaction to them because that’s what she sees in the future for you. What are you waiting for?

You’ve discussed marriage, even if you thought it was a joke

Similar to the previous point, if you have had discussions with your Russian lady about getting married, then it’s probably time to tell her you love her. It may not have even seemed like a genuine conversation at the time, maybe she was telling you about her dream wedding dress or venue? It’s time to take that step.

She wants to introduce you to friends and family

Finally, if your Russian lady has talked about wanting to introduce you to her friends and family, it’s a pretty strong signal that she sees a long-term future together. She will be desperate for you to say those three little words.