How to Make Victory Day Memorable for You and Your Ukrainian Lady

If you’re currently dating a Ukrainian lady, then you should be well aware of the upcoming celebration of Victory Day. Moreover, you should be thinking about how to make it memorable for her. 

Victory Day is a big event in Ukraine and holds a special place in the hearts of the population. Your Ukrainian lady will be used to marking this day with some sort of celebration, whether that’s simply a day off work or something much bigger, such as a family party.

Ukrainian lady

Do you like dancing?

So, as we count down the days until Victory Day this year, it’s time for you to give some thought as to how you’re going to make it special for her. This is a chance to really impress both your Ukrainian lady and her family, showing just how much, you really do care about her and your relationship together.

To get you up and running, here are five ideas for how to make Victory Day memorable for you and your Ukrainian lady.

Do something different

So often in today’s busy world, we become so consumed by our own lives that we don’t put enough thought in to making things special for others. Well, Victory Day gives you a real opportunity to do something different for your Ukrainian lady. Think outside the box. What does she enjoy doing that perhaps you would not usually do? 

Play some Ukrainian games

A great way of making your Ukrainian lady realise just how much she means to you is if you plan to play some traditional Ukrainian games. Even if you only play them briefly for a bit of fun, she will love that you have taken the time to research them and maybe even make some props to add to the authenticity. There will be variations you can do online as well, so don’t let your physical locations become a barrier if you’re not together in-person.

Send her a traditional gift

Ukrainian lady

Let’s spend Victory Day together!

Victory Day is a day very much about Ukraine. Therefore, think and research online to see if there are any nice Ukrainian gifts that you can order for her or perhaps even make for her yourself? Let your imagination run wild, she will love you for it.

Organise a big video chat with her family

One thing which your Ukrainian lady will love to see is you taking the time to truly be part of her family. So, why not try and reach out to her family and see if you can organise an online gathering – a part of sorts, if you like.

Plan to spend time together

Last but not least, one thing which you should certainly be doing even if none of the above options are realistic is taking some time to be with her. Victory Day is a big thing for her, so make sure you give her the time and respect she deserves and plan some downtime with her on 9th May.