How to understand if you and your Russian single are meant for each other

If you think you may have finally found your perfect Russian single, it’s probably good to know what signs to look out for which will tell you if she could be ‘the one’.

Using online dating websites to find love is great fun. If you’re looking for a Russian single, it can be a particularly enjoyable and exciting time. However, at some point, you will come across a girl who blows you away. A girl with whom you have an amazing time talking to and think about every day and night.

When this happens, you will probably want to know what signs to keep an eye out. They will tell you if you’re meant for each other. After all, if you have finally met that perfect Russian lady, you want to make sure you keep her as your own.

So, to help you recognize those signs, here are a few little pointers.

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You’re spending A LOT of time online together

One tell-tale sign that things are going well between you and your Russian single is if you’re spending an awful lot of time together. This could be in-person if you’re lucky enough to be close enough to each other. But even spending hours and hours per day speaking online or using live video chat is a true sign. A true sign that you’re both loving being with each other. If you’re both spending all of your spare time speaking to each other, it’s also a sure sign that there are no other men on the scene. She’s totally invested in to you and your relationship.

You both talk about long-term futures together with your Russian single

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If you’re trying to figure out whether your relationship with your Russian single is meant to be, then think about the types of conversations you’ve had with her recently. If you’re both discussing long-term ambitions such as marriage and starting a family, I think it’s safe to see that she sees you as her future.

You laugh at the same things

One of life’s simplest pleasures is laughter. Having a smile on your face is so important! So if you and your Russian lady have a similar sense of humor, she’s most definitely someone you want to keep! 

You feel comfortable around each other

Similar to the above point, something else which cannot be underestimated is when you both enjoy each other’s company and feel totally at ease around each other. This counts for online as well. If you’re happy, at ease and able to be yourself when chatting online or using video chat, then this Russian single is meant to be yours! 

Russian single mentions the ‘L-word’

Finally, there is no greater indication from your lady that she’s the one for you if she mentions the L-word; love.