If You Date Online, How Do You Overcome Nerves to Meet In-Person?

Date Online

When you have met that special date online, moving to the next stage of the relationship and meeting in person can be a pretty daunting prospect.

It’s perfectly natural for that next step to be a nervous one. If you’ve met someone online and got to know them through a screen and website, then being able to actually see that person in the real world is pretty nerve-wracking.

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If you are feeling nervous about meeting, then it’s worth taking a read through some of our tips below to make sure that you’re ready. After all, if the relationship is to blossom into a long-lasting one, then you need to be able to meet one and other physically. It’s a vital next step.

Here are a few tips to overcome the nerves and help your date online to become your partner offline.

You’ve done the hard work already

Our first tip is to consider just how far you have both come to this point. While it started out as a date online, you’ve grown to know each other inside and out and love each other for who you both are. Personality has clearly been the leading factor, so relax, you already know you love each other.

She will be as nervous as you are

The nerves won’t all be on you. In fact, your dream lady will turn up every bit as nervous as you are. So, you may as well both relax and go with it – you’ll make each other feel a lot better by doing so!

Meet somewhere that you’re comfortable

I am looking for a faithful, loving man.

Another good tip is to try and control the environment so that you’re comfortable with it. That may be to choose a location that is familiar to you, maybe you know the waiter or the bar staff so that you have some familiar faces around you. It may be that you’re more comfortable without knowing anyone else in the place, in which case, you should head somewhere totally new.

Be yourself

Dress as you would usually dress for a date and act as you would normally act. The more nervous you are the more tempted you may become to dump some of the things about you that she loves.

Have some conversation starters in your mind

Finally, even though you will have spoken online so many times, meeting in-person could be nerve-wracking and so a little awkward. Make sure you think of some good conversation starters before you go, even if it’s just going back to a conversation you had online or a subject you regularly discuss/enjoy together.