Impress Your Russian Lady on Her Special Day

Russian lady

What do women want? There is a life-long debate on this. A woman’s mind is one of the most complicated things in the world because it is difficult to figure out what they really want. It is also hard to understand their logic and meet their expectations at times. The situation is the same for a Russian woman. 

You do not have to look like Brad Pitt or ride a Maserati to impress your Russian lady. Such things won’t work. The Russian dating etiquette is peculiar, and it can be strange too. So, to impress your Russian woman, be prepared. Understand their dating traditions, etiquettes, and orthodox traditions.

Here are a few tips to help you impress your lady.

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Dress Up Well

Russian women love fashion. They themselves are always dressed up well and look beautiful, so it is natural that they want their man to be dressed well. The clothes need not be expensive but should fit you well and look good. Spend a few hours at a decent departmental store to pick up the correct pieces for your body shape and age. Also, ensure your hairstyle is up to date. A man who is dressed properly always impresses a woman.

Do not Forget to Give Her Flowers

In Russia, they have a flower-based dating culture. Bring flowers for your Russian lady and congratulate her on her birthday, women’s day and other important days. Russian women expect flowers from their loved ones on those days. However, do not limit your flower giving on special occasions. Bring flowers or arrange flowers delivery with a message without any reason. But remember when giving flowers to your Russian lady, always go with odd numbers. Even number flowers are used for funerals and are inappropriate for other occasions. Along with flowers, you can also give her small presents like perfume or a necklace, bracelet, or earrings.  

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Be a Real Gentleman

When men treat women nicely, they love it, and the Russian lady is no exception. Polite and gentlemanly gestures are always trendy. This is what can win the heart of your lady. To start a relationship and swoon your Russian girl, it is better for you to be truly romantic to embrace her sweet and feminine tendencies. Be a real gentleman by showing small gestures like opening and holding the door for her, pulling her chair at the table, carrying her heavy bag, showing gratitude to the elderly, etc. All these things will not go unnoticed by your lady, and she will be impressed. 

Be Loyal

Many aspects can affect a man’s chances to impress a Russian woman. One of them is loyalty. Russian ladies practice the value of loyalty and faithfulness, and they treat their men the way they would treat themselves. Therefore, it is essential to show your lady that you can reciprocate her loyalty.

Cook a Traditional Russian Dish

Russians are proud of their culture and food. When you date a Russian woman, understand that she would love home-cooked food. So, to impress her, try to cook a traditional Russian dish. You can try your hand at Blini (Russian pancake), Kasha (buckwheat porridge), a Russian salad, or bake a Krendel. Search for recipes online or take help from your mom or grandma. This gesture will truly impress your Russian lady.

These are a few ways to impress your Russian lady on her special day.