Jokes that Make your Ukrainian Lady Laugh and Jokes that may Offend her

Ukrainian lady

When you meet the Ukrainian lady of your dreams, you will want to do all you can to make things go smoothly. Making her laugh is a great start.

Most women love a man who can make them laugh and lift their mood. One method you may wish to explore for making your Ukrainian lady laugh is through telling jokes. It’s an age-old way of spreading happiness and laughter in social environments, but it’s not as straight forward as you may initially think.

Ukrainian lady

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The fact you are dating a lady from another country has the potential to make things just a little bit more challenging. You want to be able to tell her a joke that makes her laugh and doesn’t offend her. You also need to avoid making her feel awkward if the jokes don’t translate very well.

With that in mind, here are some general guidelines for jokes which will make your Ukrainian lady laugh and some which may offend her, and you’ll want to avoid.

Five tips for telling jokes to make your Ukrainian lady laugh

  1. Keep it simple – when you’re speaking to people whose first language is not the same as your own, one of the first things you should do is keep the communication simple. So, aim for jokes about very common, understandable scenarios or situations.

  2. In the moment – if you can make a joke about the moment in which you’re in, then it will feel very natural and amusing for your lady.

  3. Common themes – keep your jokes centre around things which are easy to explain and tie in with commonly held global perceptions. Jokes about animals or clowns, for example, as long as they’re clean are usually quite effective.  

  4. Silly jokes – it’s possible that everyone has a different sense of humour, but you could go for very common or silly jokes on early dates to try and raise a smile.

  5. Use puns sparingly – If you want to try a simple pun, then it may well work, but don’t use them too much or they’ll become boring.

Five types of jokes which may offend your Ukrainian lady or make things awkward

Ukrainian lady

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  1. Offensive to people or places – don’t tell jokes which can be in any way offensive to people or places. If you’re in a restaurant for example, don’t try and get a cheap laugh by insulting someone.

  2. Insulting to your Ukrainian lady – you should be very mindful about any jokes which could directly or indirectly insult your lady.

  3. Over complicated – keep jokes simple, otherwise it can just make things really awkward if your Ukrainian lady doesn’t understand it.

  4. Jokes which use local lingo – and for the same reason, avoid jokes which are very localised or used localised versions of your language. She likely won’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

  5. Jokes about potentially embarrassing subjects – keep your jokes clean, don’t make them about bodies, relationships, politics or religion. It’s too complicated and too risky until you know your Ukrainian lady really well.