Different Love Types and Online Dating

Although we are all different and that will affect how we approach people and potential relationships. There are different types of love catalysts that can have a bearing on how we’re most likely to act. With online dating an understanding of the type you fall under can help you understand how you act and why you act that way; and how you might move onto feeling a different type of love.

Different Love Types and Online Dating

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Eros is known as the passionate love. People generally feel an Eros type of love when it comes at the start of a relationship – when it is all about romance, passion and attraction. We’ve all met someone and fallen had over heels in love, even before we know them very well. We feel intoxicated by them and want to spend our time talking to them, getting to know them even more and being drawn to the other person.


Some people believe that this type of love is the practical side of love. In this case, you like someone in a practical way and this blossoms into love. It can also be when you have been with someone for a long time. You’re passed the Eros stage of love. Instead it’s about finding a way to make things work over long periods of time. As you have a deep love for one another that goes beyond finding someone attractive.


If you’re talking to someone and interested in online dating then this could be the Ludus stage of love. It is where it is all about flirting and fun. You might tease the other people in a fun and playful way or feeling giddy in their presence. You don’t love them yet but you do want to spend time in their company because doing so makes you feel extremely happy.


People refer to Agape and universal, selfless love. It is a type of love that feels compassion for everyone and wants to do good. It’s known as a pure type of love. Unconditional love as perhaps a parent might feel for a child or someone such as Mother Teresa might be associated with.

Different Love Types and Online Dating

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Platonic love but extremely important to those that feel it. It is about those deep, long-lasting friendships. You trust this person with everything that you are and you help each other through thick and thin. However, it is about platonic love and respect for each other rather than romance and lust.


Whether you’re interested in online dating, in a relationship already or happy on your own, self-love is extremely important and that is where Philautia comes into play. It is about being easy on ourselves and looking  after ourselves. It is about taking time to make sure that we care for ourselves as well as those around us.


This type of love is usually reserved for family members or very close friends if you have grown up together. It is usually when you are related to someone by blood and feel a strong, familiar type of love to them.


This is strong, co-dependent love that doesn’t always promote the best type of healthy relationship. It can mean that someone becomes over attached to one person rather than balancing out their other relationships in a much more healthy way.

There are different types of love and sometimes a Relationship can fall into more than one category or progress from one or the other. Everyone is different but if you are online dating and looking to meet new people, then understanding these can help you build much more solid foundations with the person you’re looking to get to know better.