March 8th: a favorite holiday of Ukrainian women

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th and is an annual event that encourages men and women throughout the world to recognize the role of females within society and their lives. International Women’s Day will be a public holiday throughout Ukraine and the main spring event for lots of Ukrainian women. This means that several shops, local attractions, government offices, and schools will be closed for the day. This allows everyone to celebrate this important annual event.

Ukrainian women

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Ukrainian women will enthusiastically plan and eagerly await International Women’s Day as they look forward to spoiling important female figures to them, such as mothers, grandmothers, and other matriarchs. Talk to Ukrainian women about what this special day means to them and they will likely tell you about how they are keen to celebrate the strength of women and engage in festivities which allow their community to proudly come together for one cause.

Ukrainian women will have grown up with the knowledge of how important this annual event is. Ukrainian women will be keen to discuss the existing inequalities between men and women as well as talk about how their society has progressed and why specific women are to be celebrated. The festivities for the day will vary greatly between families and so ask the Ukrainian singles that you talk to about what their plans are. Some people will aim for a more domestic and quiet celebration, perhaps where the men will take on more feminine roles and cook a large meal for the women in their lives. Other communities take the opportunity to celebrate on a much grander scale, with street parties, professional speakers, and local press coverage. Public events will likely capture the interest of Ukrainian women who will be keen to hear seminars and engage in discussions about gender inequality in Ukraine, whilst promoting women’s rights and exploring successes in this field.

Ukrainian women

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Gift sharing is also likely to feature heavily in Ukrainian women’s plans for International Women’s Day. Much like Mother’s Day, women throughout the world will use this celebration to buy gifts for the females that are most important to them. This is likely to include flowers, sweets, chocolate, ornaments, and personalized trinkets. Children will often buy small gifts for their mothers and teachers and boys may even treat their sisters to demonstrate love and equality. International Women’s Day ties in beautifully with the beginning of Spring and so the sharing of seasonal flowers allows women to feel appreciated and for the country to welcome the new season.

Ukrainian women, like women throughout the world, will consider March 8th to be important on many levels. Firstly, by way of recognition and celebration – public holidays are well received throughout Ukraine and so this annual event is highly anticipated. On a deeper level, International Women’s Day allows the people of Ukraine to demonstrate how important equality is and how important it is that women’s rights are observed throughout the world.