The most popular names of Ukrainian singles and their meanings

Ukrainian singles are blessed with some of the most beautiful, enigmatic, and meaningful names in the European area, and love to be called by them.  If you want to really melt the heart of your Ukrainian girlfriend, make sure that you use her name often, and with love. But many of those names are derived from historical parts of the country’s proud history, and that tends to make them even more special.

If you want to impress your Ukrainian single, not only call her by her name often but take the trouble to find out what it means and regale her with that information too.  As a start, some of the loveliest Ukrainian singles’ names, include;

Ukrainian ladies

Dear, let’s get acquainted!


This is a name that is theological or religious in nature and one that comes from the Old Slavonic language of the region. In translation, Vera literally means “faith” and is often related to the ancient Greek word which translates as a ministry to God.  Vera is a very old, and much-revered name for Ukrainian women.


This is another name with Greek origins, but one that has been successfully transferred to the Slavic language, though may sometimes be spelled as Alyona.  Your Russian single with this name may seem to be slightly aloof but is actually very caring and loving. Elena can become your true friend and partner.


This is one of the most popular names among the Ukrainian singles. Coming from the Latin language the name Tatiana means ‘mistress’; it is heavily revered by the Orthodox and Catholics. Ukrainian women who have this name are usually elegant, wise, and energetic personalities.

Ukrainian ladies

My name is Anastasia! Nice to meet you!


This name was once extremely rare in Ukraine and Russia, but now, this is one of the most popular around amongst modern Ukrainian women. The name generally means ‘purity’ and ‘innocence’, and when you online date a Ukrainian woman called Katerina, you will find out they are extremely intelligent, inventive, and glamorous.


This name stems from the word “Anastasis”, which means resurrection. It is widely used by Ukrainian singles because of its melody and scriptural connotations.  Ukrainian women with this name are usually incredibly positive yet always cheerful.

Your Ukrainian girlfriend may well have a name with deep meaning, and if you find out the history behind it, you could win massive admiration from her.