Online Dating: Become a Friend at First and Then a Lover

For singles ready to find a romantic partner, online dating platforms are of great help. It helps overcome the awkwardness of the virtual date. However, establishing a friendly connection with someone first is beneficial to a solid romantic relationship later.  

The clich? of falling in love, at first sight, is slightly outdated in the 21st century. So, if you are looking for someone on online dating platform, then becoming friends at first could be more effective than starting a romantic relationship right away. 

It is because being friends with the person before entering a romantic relationship comes with some special pluses. Here is what you get when you become a friend at first and then a lover with online dating.

Online dating: Become a friend at first and then a lover

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You Get To Know Each Other In A Different Way

When you become friends with someone and later decide to have a romantic relationship, you get the chance to know each other in a completely different means. It centers around sharing fun and memorable experiences as well as learning their stories and preferences. The top priority of the friendship-first approach in online dating is to understand and validate the other person’s preferences and goals rather than imposing yours upon them. 

Get Familiar With Their Quirks In Online Dating

With online dating, there is less risk involved when you become friends with someone first and then commit to a romantic relationship with them. It is because you already know many things about this person such as what their life is like daily, their family, their job, and their hobbies.

Also, you do not have to invest your time in a relationship with someone you are meeting as a date and wonder if they are who they claim to be. 

Introduce Them To Loved Ones Easily 

Online dating: Become a friend at first and then a lover

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You do not have to introduce your partner to friends and family in those awkward and stressful meetups. It is because your friend who you have started dating already knows your social circle and family and you know theirs. So, those stressful meetings are altogether avoided. When your start using online dating platform to look for the love of your life, make them your friend first to avoid the stressful meetings with family.

You Potentially Have Been Through Difficult Times Together 

One advantage to being friends before committing is that you can be yourself around that person even under various circumstances, plus difficult ones.

When you start with online dating and find someone to date, you may wonder what they will think. Especially, when they see you not well, without your game face and extravagant dating clothes on, or after an emotional crying over a fight with your loved ones. Your friend has seen you like this and still likes you, so there is no need to worry. 

Build Trust While Dating Online

With online dating, being friends first, both of you get ample time to get to know each other well and form a trustworthy relationship. In addition to this, by starting with a strong friendship, the two of you are comfortable with each another and can trust each other when a tough situation arises. 

Getting to know somebody is a fun and informative process. However, if you are already friends, you can speed up the process and skip first-date questions and begin to deeply learn more about each other.