The Difference Between Online Dating Sites And Matchmaking Agencies

Romance and love these days are all about swiping right and DMs. The good old days of romance are long gone. The stories where you meet your only one through friends and spend time together getting to know each other, do they even exist today? People are not just bothered to go through all the hassle. 

The new generation of singletons do not have the time or patience to work hard to maintain a relationship. Yet all crave for committed and long-lasting relationships.

It does not mean that immediate pleasure or forming relations through an online dating app is bad, there are various positive aspects to it.

If you are serious about meeting your soulmate but havenot had any progress yet, you have two ways: through dating apps or matchmaking agencies. If you have been wondering what’s the difference between both, then read on.  

Online Dating vs Matchmaking

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Online Dating Apps Vs. Matchmaking Agencies 


Online dating apps are convenient as they are installed on your phone and allow you to access them from anywhere in the world. This is especially good if you are moving to a new city or a country and want to meet new people. Moreover, online dating allows you to meet many people without ever having to see them in person. 

With matchmaking agencies, you can meet the potential dates in your area or city. If you happen to move to another country, you need to sign up with a local agency and start the process all over again.

Potential Partners

Online dating gives you access to various potential partners and matches with the ones who are compatible as per your interests and hobbies. You do not have to sit through awkward blind dates to know the person. If you like the person, message them, and start the conversation, if not, then just move to another profile. 

Matchmaking agencies find you potential partners who are serious about dating, but they are brutally honest and need every detail. They ask you several questions related to the type of person you want and if your interests are too vague, they will tell you. If you cannot handle brutal honesty, then a matchmaking agency is not for you. 

Fear of Rejection is Lower

Online Dating vs Matchmaking

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Many people have a fear of rejection when it comes to dating. But with online dating, that fear is lowered. You do not have to walk up to a person and ask them for a date and get rejected. Just create an online profile and match with the right person. Message them to chat and have fun. After you have exchanged a few messages, you can start a video chat and if find the person interesting, schedule a meeting. 

Date Multiple People At Once

Online dating gives you the opportunity to date multiple partners at one time. It increases your chances of finding a suitable mate and enables you to use your time efficiently. If one potential mate rejects you, there are many more for you to find true love. People who date through a matchmaking agency can be unsuccessful in finding their soulmates due to the limited selection of potential partners. 


Online dating apps are not only convenient but cost-effective as well. You can download the dating apps for free, the basic features allow you to create a profile, and get access to various potential dates. You need to subscribe for advanced features that help you save time by auto-matching, dismissing, and expanding profiles based on your interests, and many more. 

Using the services of matchmaking agencies can be expensive. Some daters spend thousands of dollars and even more to find the right person.