March 8th: a favorite holiday of Ukrainian women

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th and is an annual event that encourages men and women throughout the world to recognize the role of females within society and their lives. International Women’s Day will be a public holiday throughout Ukraine and the main spring event for lots of Ukrainian women. This means that…

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Top tips for celebrating St Valentine’s Day when dating online

For couples around the world, Valentine’s Day can be a day of real excitement and romance. If you’re dating online, you can still enjoy this day by following some of our tips. Of course, if you’re in a relationship that requires you to be dating online, then it’s not always as easy to think of…

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Tips for how to find time for both daily routine and online dating

We live busier lives now than perhaps ever before, and with so many things competing for our attention, how do we find time for online dating? People’s daily routines have never been fuller, with work, domestic chores, sports, hobbies, and even social media all playing a part in the routines of many. So how do…

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Five great ways to congratulate your Russian woman at Christmas

Christmas is a special time for millions of people around the world, and there is no doubt that your Russian woman will be looking forward to celebrating it too. In Russia and Slavic countries, Christmas is celebrated not on December 25th like in the Western world, but on January 7th. So as Christmas draws ever-closer,…

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Advantages of international dating with Latin singles

Online dating sites provide an excellent foundation for strong relationships and enable those who are less confident in their dating abilities to develop their skills and meet new people. There are several advantages of international dating with Latin singles, not least the passion and excitement that you are sure to enjoy. Below is a guide…

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Compliments that you shouldn’t give your Russian woman

Compliments that you shouldn’t give your Russian lady

A Russian woman loves to hear compliments, as do most women around the world. However, there are some compliments that you should avoid giving to her. As with every relationship, it’s important to get to know the person you are complimenting as well as possible.  The better that you know your Russian single, the more…

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How to make conversation with your online girlfriend more interesting?

How to make conversation with your mail order bride more interesting?

Speaking with your online girlfriend can sometimes be a little bit tricky, with a language barrier and other circumstances often standing in the way of that truly engaging conversation.  So, how can you make things more interesting? If you’re finding the conversation a little bit tricky, to begin with when speaking with your single it’s…

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What you can learn about your Russian single from her mobile phone usage?

What you can learn about your Russian bride from her mobile phone usage?

Over the past two decades, mobile phone usage has boomed across the world, with smartphones now commonplace in just about every corner of the globe. How people use their mobile phones can tell us a lot about them, including your Russian single. In Russia, just like in most other developed countries in the world, people…

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Best tips for an unforgettable first kiss with a Ukrainian single

Best tips for an unforgettable first kiss with a Ukrainian bride

Ukrainian singles are among the most beautiful in the world, but a lesser known fact is that they also love to be thoroughly treated by their partners. Once you have met your dream Ukrainian girlfriend, the one you wish to be close to and perhaps spend the rest of your life with, there will come…

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Orthodox Easter: customs and traditions of Russian Singles

Orthodox Easter: customs and traditions of Russian brides

Many Orthodox churches celebrate Easter based on the Julian calendar, rather than the Gregorian calendar that is predominantly used in western countries. This means that the Orthodox Easter often falls after the Easter celebrations of the Gregorian calendar. However, in 2017, Orthodox Easter will be celebrated on Sunday 16th April and this event is likely…

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