Pros and cons of giving your online dating relationship a second chance

Relationships are hard work at the best of times, but even with online dating, after you have had a rocky patch you need to decide whether it’s worth carrying on.

Giving an online relationship a second chance is a big call, but there are ways you can make the decision much easier and clearer in your own mind. It’s important to be fair to both yourself and your partner when you’re weighing up whether it’s worth giving things another chance.

We’ve put together a list of pros and cons of giving your online dating relationship a second chance, hopefully making it a little easier for you to make a big decision.

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Don’t throw away your time and hard work – any relationship takes time and effort to build, so deciding to give it a second chance may mean that this effort has not been pointless.

You already know each other – another advantage of giving your romance a second chance is that you both know each other. Both you and your lady know that there is something that brought you together in the first place, so it’s just a case of rediscovering it.

No regrets – the one thing you need to think long and hard about when considering whether to persevere with an online relationship is whether or not you would have regrets if things ended now. If you think you would, it’s worth giving it another shot, surely? If you do give it a second chance and things don’t go well, at least you know that you tried, and you cannot have any regrets.

You don’t have to start over – when you’re single and looking for love, even online, it can be a lot of work and time to find someone else that’s suited to you. At least you know with this one that all of that groundwork is done. You don’t have to go through the painful weeks of trying to get to know someone all over again.


The same problems may arise again – while online relationships are worth fighting for, as with any romantic relationship, if problems exist between you it may be that they can never truly be fixed.

Wasting time – if you’ve run into problems, who is to say you won’t do again? Whether it’s in a week, a month or a year, you could fall out again soon and end up back to where you started. If this is several months later, it’s actually just waste of tie for both of you. You may be delaying the inevitable.

Lack of excitement – sometimes, you just need something new. Online relationships are a great way of meeting new people and if you just continue to blindly fight on to save an existing, potentially doomed, relationship, you’re not going to sample this excitement again anytime soon!

Treading on eggshells – if you give things a second chance, you may find your own behavior or personality suppressed a little as you try to please your lady and avoid future rows. You’re treading on egg shells and depriving yourself of being, well, yourself.