Five ways to arrange a date with your Russian girlfriend at home

If you’re looking to push the boat out and really impress your Russian girlfriend, then setting up a date at home is a great way of sweeping her off her feet.

Having your Russian girlfriend visit you is hugely exciting. It allows you to spend quality time with each other and truly get to know one and other. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to really impress her and make her feel special.

So, here are five ways to arrange a wonderful date for your Russian girlfriend at home.

I dream about a date with you, dear!

Choose the activity

It’s one of the most original ideas when it comes to a date at home, but cooking a nice meal is a great way to welcome your Russian girlfriend in the comfort of your own home. Even if you’re not a good cook, you can either create some easy dishes or perhaps even rely on some sort of takeaway. You could even cook Russian food if you’re brave!

If you think that she would prefer to watch a movie, then consider things such as the movie language and what she would prefer. What about drinks and snacks? Some pink fizzy rose and chocolates? Or would she prefer a cocktail with some savory snacks?

To make a surprise for your Russian girlfriend or not?

A great way of making a date exciting it to make it a total surprise for your Russian girlfriend. Perhaps set things up so that when she comes home from work one night, everything is set-up ready for the perfect date.

This is something you will need to think about and also consider your partner. Will she like the surprise, or would she prefer to know about it so that she can buy a nice dress or get hair and makeup done so that it’s special? Make sure you know which approach she will prefer.

Let’s have a cozy evening together…

Turn-up the atmosphere

Whatever date you choose, and whether it’s a surprise or not, you can make it a definite success by making sure that it’s beautiful. Light some candles, decorate the house with rose petals or use something else that you know she likes. Either way, make sure you put some thought into making it feel special.

Make it special to your Russian girlfriend?

Think about your Russian girlfriend specifically and what she likes? Food, drink, movie, hobbies, decoration and just about every other element of your date should be tailored to be exactly what your woman loves.

Make her feel comfortable

The last thing to consider when setting up for a date at home with your Russian girlfriends is to make sure she will feel comfortable. Remove any photos you may have of ex-partners and ensure the place is clean and tidy! You want her to feel comfortable and at home.