The Most Popular Summer Destinations in Ukraine to Visit with Your Ukrainian Lady

Ukrainian lady

Ukraine is one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in the world. It offers hundreds of stunning locations to visit with your Ukrainian lady. Now is the perfect time to start planning with lockdown restrictions beginning to ease throughout the world. Below is a selection of the best places to visit.

Romantic Locations 

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Legend states that sharing a kiss at the Tunnel of Love in Klevan will give you eternal love with your Ukrainian lady. The Tunnel of Love is a stretch of the old railway line, where the trees have woven together to create a beautiful natural tunnel. Go in the summer to experience it in its greenest and most vibrant form.

The natural theme is continued into the next location, the University Botanical Garden in Chernivtsi. Take a romantic walk with your Ukrainian lady through the stunning grounds and greenhouses which hold some of the prettiest flowers in the world. The location is so romantic that couples often decide to hold their wedding there. 


Ukraine also has some of the best cities in Europe, particularly the largest city in Western Ukraine, Lviv. You and your Ukrainian lady can promenade through the charming historical streets, finishing at Rynok Square. At the Square, you can experience Lviv’s cafe culture with a beer or a coffee.

Spiritual Hub of Kyiv

Let’s visit some romantic locations together!

If your Ukrainian lady is spiritual and religious, you must visit the capital Kyiv. Kyiv is famous for its churches. Visit the St. Sophias and St. Michaels churches as well as the Pechersk Lavra monastery to experience romantic and spiritual tranquility. The churches’ stunning architecture will certainly take both of your breath away.

Taking in Natural Beauty

Finally, if you are one for natural beauty, then the uninhabited Dzharylhach Island is little-known heaven in summer. Take a ferry from the mainland and take a swim in Dzharylhach Island with clear warm waters. You might even get to see a dolphin. If you are brave enough to stay overnight then you can lie on the sand together and watch the stars with your Ukrainian lady.

The Perfect Place

Ukraine is a truly romantic place. The destinations described will all be excellent to enhance the romance of your relationship. And your Ukrainian lady will certainly appreciate being taken to such special places. These locations are just the start of what Ukraine can offer in the summer and you should go to even more locations to experience Ukraine fully.