How to make a proper first impression when dating online?

They say that first impressions are everything, and while that may not strictly be true when dating online that first impression is so important. A first impression can come from a variety of places when dating online. It could be from your dating profile, it could be in video chat or it may be from…

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Five tips for building confidence with online dating after divorce

If you’ve been through a divorce, finding the confidence to begin dating and enjoying other people’s company can be tough. Thankfully, online dating is the perfect solution. A divorce can leave you feeling tired and dreading the thought of getting back in to the dating game. It may feel daunting and you will possibly be…

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Compliments that you shouldn’t give your Russian woman

Compliments that you shouldn’t give your Russian lady

A Russian woman loves to hear compliments, as do most women around the world. However, there are some compliments that you should avoid giving to her. As with every relationship, it’s important to get to know the person you are complimenting as well as possible.  The better that you know your Russian single, the more…

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