Five Differences between American and Russian Wives

Russian wives

It’s always fascinating when people from different backgrounds are compared, but what about when we think about the differences between American and Russian wives? Firstly, it’s important to say that finding the right lady for you is always the top priority, wherever she is from. However, if you find Russian women attractive and are perhaps…

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Perfect St. Valentine’s Day for Your Russian Bride

Russian Bride

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might want to start getting ready to surprise your Russian bride. Because, as it happens with most holidays, Russian women care a lot about this event. If this is your first Valentine’s together, nailing it and making the day perfect for your beloved one is essential. Here…

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Epiphany Day: Impress your Russian Lady Following Slavic Traditions

Russian lady

Dating a Russian lady means you’ll have to learn a thing or two about her Slavic traditions. The first thing to know is that in Russia, the Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar. What this means is that some of the Christian holidays, such as Christmas and New Year, to name just a few, are…

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Why Is It Important to Celebrate Orthodox Christmas with Your Russian Lady?

Russian Lady

In the past years, online dating has made international romance easy. If you’re now dating a Russian lady, perhaps the Christmas season is when most cultural differences start to kick in. That’s because Christmas is celebrated on December 25 in most Christian countries, but not in Eastern Europe. As a traditionally Orthodox country, Russia still…

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Places to visit in Moscow with your Russian single

If you’re traveling to Moscow to spend time with your Russian single, then you’re in for a real treat. The city is full of fun and interesting things to do which will keep you entertained for the duration of your stay. Regardless of when you’re traveling to Moscow, you will always find plenty to do.…

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Five popular dishes to impress your Russian woman

Dating a lady from a different part of the world is very exciting and can really broaden your horizons. If you’re dating a Russian woman, then why not try and impress her by making a classic Russian meal? Your Russian woman may have moved to your home country and be used to a different style…

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How to understand if you and your Russian single are meant for each other

If you think you may have finally found your perfect Russian single, it’s probably good to know what signs to look out for which will tell you if she could be ‘the one’. Using online dating websites to find love is great fun. If you’re looking for a Russian single, it can be a particularly…

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What Ukrainian women find irresistible in a man?

If you’re looking to meet the love of your life then, then Ukrainian women are probably interesting for you. Not only are Ukrainian women known the world over for their strikingly good looks, but their loyalty, charisma, and strength are also enduring characteristics that make men go weak at the knees. So, if you’re looking…

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How to earn the trust of your Russian single?

If you’re new into a relationship then earning the trust of your new partner is incredibly important, and that’s no different if you’re dating a Russian single. Russian women are adored by men all over the world thanks to their natural beauty, intelligence, and loyalty. However, before you can truly get to know a Russian…

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Five tips for building confidence with online dating after divorce

If you’ve been through a divorce, finding the confidence to begin dating and enjoying other people’s company can be tough. Thankfully, online dating is the perfect solution. A divorce can leave you feeling tired and dreading the thought of getting back in to the dating game. It may feel daunting and you will possibly be…

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