How to make conversation with your online girlfriend more interesting?

How to make conversation with your online date more interesting?

Speaking with your online girlfriend can sometimes be a little bit tricky, with a language barrier and other circumstances often standing in the way of that truly engaging conversation.  So, how can you make things more interesting? If you’re finding the conversation a little bit tricky, to begin with when speaking with your single it’s…

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Orthodox Easter: customs and traditions of Russian Singles

Orthodox Easter: customs and traditions of Russian women

Many Orthodox churches celebrate Easter based on the Julian calendar, rather than the Gregorian calendar that is predominantly used in western countries. This means that the Orthodox Easter often falls after the Easter celebrations of the Gregorian calendar. However, in 2017, Orthodox Easter will be celebrated on Sunday 16th April and this event is likely…

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Seven things your Russian woman wants to know about you

When you meet the Russian woman of your dreams, or you’re a few weeks into a having conversations with her, there will be things she wants to know about you which can really help cement a lasting friendship or even relationship. Entering a relationship with anyone is an exciting time, and brings lots of questions…

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What do Ukrainian women think of jealousy?

If you’re in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, or perhaps you are courting one, it is good to know what Ukrainian women think of jealousy. In many parts of the world, jealousy can be seen as an unattractive trait in a person.  Indeed, Ukrainian women themselves can become jealous if a man in whom…

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